Just a Constitutional question...no offense intended.

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    It is my understanding that there are several states that never did actually join the union, their membership was never properly ratified because they could not agree on the letter of the law. As to WV, I have read a good bit about their true statehood, but am still in the dark as to wheather or not their statehood is leagal according to the Constitution.
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    This is a power which was not granted to the Fed. Deciding how a state governs itself. Same thing as the child telling the parent no.
    By the way, I consider TX among my favorite states. Wish I had extra cash to buy some land. :D
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    The Supreme Court decided and they are charged with interperting the constitution therefore your question is do you agree with the decision as it is legal the highest court in the land said so. If you read down a vote was taken and certified by the governor.

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    At the time that the secession occurred, Virginia was not a member state of the U.S., and was treated by the U.S. as a foreign territory out of which a new state might be defined and recognized. The right of conquest gives the victor certain prerogatives, and we live in a conquered country. Virginia's participation in the United States dates from the readmission after the Great War between the United States and the Commonwealth, not ratification of the Constitution, and upon readmission, Virginia was legally presumed to have accepted the terms offered by the U.S., including recognition of W.Va. as a separate entity.
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    Hello all and an interseting topic. It sure was kind of special the way
    this state (WV) was handled right before and after the war. Past procedures make for beer table debate, but West Virginia is a valid US state, and cannot (now) have that reversed or questioned under current law. I called a friend who is up on this stuff and he told me two reasons or facts that I should have written down...but is still a good thing to discuss....:D

    I have had the good fortune to travel and work in all but one of our fifty states...and three time in Peurto Rico.....

    It was back in 80's...and all I remember at the time about WV was a deal going on with a town...because of the bad economy..it was bad too...the red cross...medical...etc was going to shut down and other things...well some leaders discovered or found out that they had the abillity to apply for foreign aid to repair or keep open a VITAL bridge to this place...and it actually went all the way forward that...the Soviet Union was going to supply funds to help this town/entity...and I believe at the last minute the Feds stepped in and fixed the bridge or what was needed....this was a true story and I think I will find out more...for my own memory....

    I met good people in WV...but dearly miss VA and the good people there also....


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