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    Here is a good article to read when you are bored;

    Now just for fun I am curious what items you would consider the most important to you if the SHTF. So here is what we will PRETEND happens:

    Our country has come under attack by an unknown force six missiles have struck the six most important Places in our country, Washington DC, New York City, NORAD, Boston, Ft Hood TX., San Diego. Not the targets I would strike first but a good list for this exercise. Now our country is a total state of confusion and we can't get any information other then we have been attacked and have no leaders to help us.

    What would you do? What items would you consider to be the three to five most important things to acquire as fast as possible at any cost or by any means? Why them?
    I will withhold my answers for now.
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    Food, water, clothing, shelter, and a means to defend myself, and what is mine. These items I already have, so I don't have to aquire them. Back in the early 70's I had a friend who was Mormon. His family were one of the first to come to Utah, with Brigahm Young, and he, himself, was an elder in the Church. He told me that if the SHTF he, and all Mormons, were to go to Salt Lake City, and that they were to carry their (required by the Church) one year supply of food with them. I asked him if everyone knew about this one year supply of food they were to take with them to Salt Lake, and he said that it was common knowledge. I asked him if he really thought he could get to Salt Lake City with a years supply of food, since all the hungry people knew he had it? The Church now requires that each family store a one year supply of food in Salt Lake.

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    We are where we need to be, and have what we need to have. I would shut and padlock the front gate, and start working on converting our heat source back to wood from the present propane. Since we always have a years store of Propane on hand, I would have time to do this.

    I hate to hear that the Mormons are storing their food in Salt Lake now. I can see some grave problems this causes them, like rotating their store so it does not go get too old. Also, when we went through the Alaska Flood in 1967, there were a lot of displaced and homeless people in Fairbanks. The LDS church spread the word that if anyone was hungry, contact any member of their church, and they would share food with them.
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    Apr 25, 2004
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    I knew abut the one year of food but not about going to the city or that it was now required to keep the food in Salt Lake City that could make Salt Lake City a big target for hungry people.
  5. 358 winchester

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    Apr 25, 2004
    Pensacola Fl. area
    Well not many members replied to this question :(

    Here are the items I would look for:
    #1 medical supplies
    #2 sewing supplies
    #3 extra boots for the family several pair each
    #4 heavy duty clothing ( thick strong canvas stuff would be best)
    And last more trade items like Fish hooks, Knives, stones, lead, seeds, twine, lines ( what y'all land lovers call rope) in all sizes, wire Stainless or copper.
    Most of the Items that y'all have on your list I have been buying up for several years My Family knows that if I tell them I am going away where to find me and have been instructed on having three routes to get there and what is most important to bring. Even my Daughter in laws have been instructed just in case their old man is away.:)
    Plan now Right now for the worst your mind can conjure up and pray daily for it to never happen. just my two cents;)
  6. 1. Put self into "Mad Max" mode. Hunker down and wait for the fallout crap to go away....

    2. Have enough food, water and medical supplies to survive a year. Includes my sword, my rifle, ammo and my knives for protection. Red cape is always on hand.

    3. When all else fails....put head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye!

    honestly.... it all scares me...and being alone I know I have just me to count on. I hope I won't be living here in NY....and I pray that it never happens.
    Hell, haven't we all been living in fear of being bombed since the 50's? All those fallout shelters we grew up with?

    Yep...expect the worst....be prepared....and give thanks when it doesn't happen.
  7. Just thinking about it, makes me worry for my children,and civilization on the whole. "The French have nuclear weapons".:eek:,
  8. 358 winchester

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    Apr 25, 2004
    Pensacola Fl. area
    Charlie it is OK the French did install the fireing button
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    I would load up my bug out bag and if things got really crazy I would head for the Atchafalaya Basin.
    For those of you who travel I-10 thru Louisiana this is what the long bridge crosses.
    Plenty of fur and fish and high ground. Its within a days walk or paddle from the house.


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  10. I'm an LDS chuch member and have not heard about the food being stored in Salt Lake. We're told to have one years supply of food, but to start out by getting a two month supply and building on it until we have one year's worth. My local ward leadership says to keep the food in our homes, not send it to Salt Lake City.

    EDIT, I really need to go to church more often than I do, but I do try *shrugs*
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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Wikipedia needs to be updated, we know Korea has some now too.
    I would head to the town that my mother lives in in Kentucky(it has a population of about 2500) and bunker down and wait.
    The five things I would take would be,
    (1)Medical supplies
    (5)A means of defense(not including martial arts training)
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    Nov 19, 2008
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    1. iodine tablets and first aid kit
    2. extreme cold weather gear...sleeping bag, insulated clothing, etc
    3. plenty of lighters
    4. cigars
    5. Jack Daniels
    6. maps
    7. compass
    8. radio (crank recharging)
    9. extra pair of boots
    10. 2 sets of camoflage fatigues
    11. Bible
    12. 1-12 gauge pump, 1-.22 rifle, 1-.357 mag revolver, 1-AK47, 1-scoped .308 bolt action...and lots of ammo for each
    13. someone to carry my gear for me
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  13. yep.....can't go anywhere without Jack....and somebody to carry all that gear! :D
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    MT - I like the way you think.
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    If 6 missles (nukes) have hit then radiation is going to spread due to fall out.....very 1st thing on my list would be to take the Potassium Iodide. This will keep your thyroid from absorbing radiation....radiation sickness is a bad way to go. 2nd priority is to hunker down indoors for 3-4 days to allow the radiation to disipate to a safer level.......for this all you need is water and weapons.....if I make it past those 3-4 days then I will evaluate the situation and take the next steps.....whatever they may be.