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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bcj1755, Aug 19, 2009.

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    I finally went to the theater and saw "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" today. Not the best movie I've ever seen, but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting.

    Sienna Miller (this is the first movie in which I've ever seen her) did an outstanding job as The Baroness, crap writing on her backstory notwithstanding. Ray Park was absolutely awesome as Snake Eyes. Christopher Eccelston was great as Destro. Most everyone else gave decent performances, except for the guy that played Duke. He sucked something terrible. But honestly, a crappy actor playing Duke does not bother me one bit because I never did like Duke, not even when I was a kid. I was so glad that Duke was generally used sparingly in the Marvel comic series.

    I wasn't really too joyful about some the changes they made to some of the backstories and characters, but I can live with them. However, I do need to mention that I really liked the different take on Zartan in the movie. This Zartan was just so creepy. It was great.

    Overall, a decent movie, especially considering how generally lame most toy-based movies are, the excpetion being the first "Transformers." It was, however, much batter than "Trnasformers: Revenge of the Fallen." (Although the hidden digs at Obama in the last Transformers movie were pretty nice:D) They left it wide open for a sequal, which may be pretty neat.
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    You caught that too, eh?
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