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    I have no idea if this is true, but plan to watch it just to see!

    This will be on Oct 11th :

    Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern.

    This Sunday Fox news, is going to air a very important documentary about Barack Obama, Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern.
    The report will go back to Obama's earlier days, showing even then his close ties to radical Marxist professors, friends, spiritual advisers, etc. It will also reveal detail his ties to Rev.. Wright for 20+ yrs. How he was participating with this man, and not for the reasons he states!
    The report has uncovered more of Obama's radical past and we will see things that no one in the media is willing to put out there. It will be a segment to remember.
    Mark your calendar and pass this on to everyone you know: Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET. Democrat or Republican, this report will open your eyes to how YOUR country is being sold down the road to Totalitarian Socialism. If you care about the direction of our country, pass this notice on to everyone you know.
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