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    I have had this gun for many years and it has been very reliable to this day. I had it at the range yesterday and it would not feed the last round out of the magazine. Is this a weakened spring in the magazine from being loaded for years? I only have one magazine for this gun and have been told magazines aren't available for it. I also heard one time that a s and w high cap mag will work in this gun. All of the gun shops I have asked say they never heard of this. Does anyone have an answer to the high cap question if so what magazine do I need? There are several S&W .40 cal mags out there are they all the same? Any info. will be appreciated and looked into as I like this gun for its size and reliability. Would hate to not be able to rely on it for such a weird thing as a magazine. Thanks, JUNK
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    Boy those guns are very under rated. What your describing does sound like a weak spring. I guess the best thing to do is take it to the gun shop and see if they have any mags out of the packaging and see if they fit. I mean what else are you gonna do? Your right you can't retire the weapon just cause of a magazine problem. Make sure everything is as snug as you can,(I mean make sure the new mag appears like the old one, slides and locks into place and see what you get.) I don't see any safety issues here, the mag is gonna feed the correct ammo or not.
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    I believe that the P40 and P11 use the same magazines. I have a P11 and the mag is marked 9mm on one side and 40 s&w on the other. Capacity is reduced by one round. I am sure of this but I will get mine out to check it and get back with ya Junk.
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    Sorry Junk I was wrong. I checked and there are not dual markings on the magazine. I was thinking of my Astra A75. Meccar makes the factory mag for my P11 you may check to see what they have. Also Numrich Gun Parts would be a good spot to look.
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    Nah its time to scrap it Junk! Send it too me and I will see that it is properly disposed of, ROFLMAO! Really why cant you just find a spring for it? Cant see them making a certain spring just for that clip. Would check with some local gunsmiths there must be at least one replacement for it. Maybe that famous online gun auction place, uhmmmm cant remember the name but sure you could google it.
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    A P11 9mm mag spring will work just fine.

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    Thank you all for the replys.

    Woolley that is the mag for this gun well it looks like it anyway.

    Jeff thanks for checking it out for me. I believe the $0 cal will fit in the 9mm but not reversed.

    Lotsdragon there is only one reputable gun smith in my area but he is a butthole. If you aren't walking in the door with a Kimber or anything high end he will look at you like go buy something real and don;t waste my time. I took a ruger barel in to him once it had a slight burr on the top of the feed ramp that bugged me. it didn't affect the way the gun fed just when I went to clean it I could feel it and I knew it was there. He said the gun isn't worth me putting my time into rubbing that burr down. The way I look at it if i have a business and someone brings me a turd to polish and they are willing to pay I will do it. I talked to a guy at the club one day and was telling him of this and that I was afraid to take a dremel to it he went in the kitchen and got a zip lock bad and squirted a little of some type of metal polish in the bag and told me to kust keep rubbing this in with a soft cloth until it was gone, I think it may have taken 30 minutes by hand and this jerk turns people away. He could have done it in under a minute with a dremel.

    Bill, ty for the reply on the 9mm spring. If I can't order a magazine I will try this. I was also looking for high cap mag. When I bought this one in 1998 or 99 the guy actually had one that the magazine stuck out of the magwell at least 4 inches, I believe it was a 20 round mag. I would love ot get one of those but that store is out of business and everyone I ask doesn't know or just wont tell I guess for legal issues.

    Thanks agaon everyone for the help. JUNK
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