kicked off a bus for speaking English

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  1. (Note : there seems to be some mitigating circumstances... however.....) Kids

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    Imagine sending your kids off to school, but when they get to the bus they are told they can't get on because they speak English.

    That's right, English.

    It happened to a few children in St. Paul and now the school district is apologizing.

    Rachel Armstrong sent her kids to pick up the bus as usual Monday, but after the driver let the kids on, he told them he would not pick them up again. He even said he wouldn't take them home that afternoon.

    Armstrong left work early Tuesday, forced to pick up her kids from Phalen Lake Elementary School.

    Her twin girls, 10, and her son, 8, were kicked off their regular school bus. They were told by the bus driver the route is for non-English speaking students only.

    "I was furious. I was at work and I was just mad." Armstrong said. "I felt like we were being discriminated because we speak English. Just because they speak English, they can't ride the school bus. I mean, this is America, right?"

    Administrators at St. Paul Public Schools admit the district made a mistake when it stranded the kids at school Monday.

    However, the district points out, that particular bus route serves one of three language academies. The one at Phalen Lake is for Hmong students learning English.

    The academies all have separate bus routes to keep its students together.
    The district decided to enforce the separate routes beginning Monday, but it did not tell the Armstrong family.

    "It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of these kids and we made a mistake. The kids should have gotten home that day," Dayna Kennedy, public relations representative.

    The district also discovered the Armstrongs no longer live in the Phalen Lake School boundary because they moved last year.

    So even thought the district apologized, if they want to still go to Phalen, they are going to have to get their own ride.


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    What A Bunch Of BULL

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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    Thats what happens when the focus is on diversity rather than assimilation. Don't think this will end with this small of consequences. We are too worried about what everyone thinks outside of this country than we are about the ones that are in it and/or originated from it. In my opinion we are making a very large mistake by giving in. I believe the error of our ways will be apparent when we are not welcome in our own country anymore. We are at war, not just in Iraq, but right here in the US. We are at war to preserve our culture and our rights.
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    You got that right Brother, but it will be to late when the rest of the country wakes up to the fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well said, Vegas. Unfortunately, that is already happening all over the country. We sit here, fat, dumb, and happy, while our own cultural values are sublimated to those of immigrants, legal and otherwise. Don't put up a Nativity scene because it might offend the Muslims, teach Spanish in the schools and recognize "Eubonics" as a valid language, but don't worry if our own kids aren't taught to use proper English. How often today do you see advertising written in Spanish instead of English? If you think it is bad now, just wait ten years.
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