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    Aug 24, 2010
    Ok, i'm seriously considering getting into semi exotic weapons collecting and maybe exotic if i win the lottery Ive even looked into possibly getting a class 3 weapon for my collection the first out of the ordinary gun I ever owned was an SKS my dad bought for me when I was 15. he only paid 75 bucks for it at the time NIB. The gun shop that sold him the gun had all kinds of add on's for it including a spring that supposedly made the gun full auto. Ive been reading up on class 3 firearms and that shouldn't have existed in a store. What i'm wondering is was it an external thing like the trigger hand cranks you can buy now or is there a work around for certain weapons. I'm also curious as to what a few good class 3 weapons would be for me to look into as my first. As of right now I have my sks and a MP 15/22, which is fun and a lot cheaper than shooting my uncles AR on the weekends. As of right now I have several other guns I've been looking into including my AR, an M4, and a GSG5 and maybe even an real MP5. One other gun that I have always loved is the P90, but I haven't been able to tell if they're only sold as semi automatic or can you get them as a class 3? sorry for ranting on like this but I'm really looking for info it is an expensive hobby and I don't want to spend money going down a path I wouldn't be happy with.
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