kidney stones suck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by coreyacp, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. coreyacp

    coreyacp New Member

    My pain threshold is so much higher lol oh and vikayden does nothing why do people even like it??
  2. ponycar17

    ponycar17 Active Member

    Feb 17, 2005
    South Carolina
    I had a suspected gall stones and had to have an ultrasound. I had no symptoms but the doctor wasn't content until I had the additional testing. Anyway, all that turned up was that I did have a kidney stone but it was not moving. Yeah, that's totally irrelevant from the reason I had the ultrasound too. I've never passed a kidney stone. I'm not looking forward to this whenever it may occur. :eek:
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  3. coreyacp

    coreyacp New Member

    mydoctor said the pain i was experiencing is equivalent to giving birth. i still have six in me one big one on the right and 5 little ones on my left i got an ultra sound and a cat scan
  4. ponycar17

    ponycar17 Active Member

    Feb 17, 2005
    South Carolina
    Oh man! :eek: That's got to be tough. My wife had shock wave lithotripsy after she found out that she had a kidney stone back in 2007 after our son was born. It was painful to carry him around with her back writhing. Well, the hospital charged $17,000 and our insurance paid a negotiated rate of $7,000. We ended up paying $250 or so for the ordeal. The bad news is that it didn't work... The follow-up x-ray shows that nothing was broken up. :mad: She feels better but that's not to say that her pain wasn't attributed to giving birth. Man, I pray you'll pass those easily. They have the potential of causing massive trouble for folks.
  5. TCoggins

    TCoggins Active Member

    Sep 5, 2008
    Traverse City, MI
    I had a bout with kidney stones about 12 years ago, spent the night in the hospital. A nurse there told me that she had given birth, and had had kidney stones, and that giving birth was much less painful.

    I had them real bad a few years ago as well. I was wishing the pain would get just a little worse so perhaps I would pass out.

    Doctor had me on oxycontin. One night it was so bad I had to take two of them (strange dreams that night). Soaking in a hot bathtub helped a little.

    Having been there (and most likely will be there again), I wish you the best of luck, and hope for a speedy recovery.

  6. coreyacp

    coreyacp New Member

    Thanks yeah :( Im only 17 to so its wierd i generally run about 7 miles every morning and 2 miles in this morning i just collapsed to my knees and basically crawled home it really sucks alot of cranberry juice and sucking it up the nice thing is medically it doesnt really cause any long term problems it just hurts so thats nice to know it was really scary cause when it just randomly started hurting i was in target and i was really scarred lol
  7. Never had them BUT was at the hospital visiting a buddy when he passed his. He screamed, passed the stones and passed out in teh bathroom floor, and for the next few times he said it was like sticking a burning match up his man hood when he took a leak! He said that the docs told him it is as close as a man will ever come to the pain of child birth and my buddy says he now belives that to be a true statement. He said it is a wonder not all kids are ONLY kids in a family if it is that painful!!! LOL he got sick while we were visiting a gun shop and I had to rush him to the ER. he passed them after a couple of days in teh hospital.
  8. coreyacp

    coreyacp New Member

    Yeah i almost passed out i broke my dads handle on his passat like not the door handle itself but the one you just hold onto i broke lol
  9. Monkey Hollow

    Monkey Hollow Member

    Feb 15, 2009
    I had one about ten years ago. I suffered for weeks and had trouble going to the bathroom. I would get be in bed on my back and the stone would float around. I'd have to go really bad, get up, run to the bathroom, then I couldn't go. Nothing would come out. Back to bed, and same thing all over again. This would go on every night. In the day, only a trickle. Then, I went for a ride on a very bumpy Interstate as a passenger in a big rig. The road was so rough we were almost hitting the ceiling at times.We pulled in to a roadside rest and I ran in. I went into a stall and I could feel the stone moving! I really forced myself and kept bearing down and it shot out. I looked at a pink pebble as it slid down the bowl and out of sight. Having lived it, I really feel sorry for anyone that has to go through this. People tell me I had this because I always drink a lot of iced tea. I hope you don't have to go through this for long.
  10. coreyacp

    coreyacp New Member

    people say i have it cause of all the mac and cheese i eat lol calcium...
  11. K1D_5150

    K1D_5150 New Member

    Jan 28, 2010
    Hutchinson, KS
    Don't know a lick about Kidney stones but I do know about medication not working. I had surgery on my left lung where they had to take a chunk of meat off the side of the lower lobe the size of a man's fist and patch up the section of arterial feed they had to take out. They gave me hydros after I came out of ICU and they didn't do any thing but make me puke and hurt WORSE. They switched them out for I.V. Dialoted for the following week and it worked well. Good luck, man I can't imagine how it must feel.
  12. Insulation Tim

    Insulation Tim Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2008
    Make sure that you drink extra water. All of the running may be dehydrating you which could exacerbate the stone issues.
  13. Snakedriver

    Snakedriver Active Member

    Mar 4, 2009
    SW. Florida
    Corey that sucks, you're kinda' young to suffering with kidney stones. I had an attck of the stones back in 2001 because I was letting myself get dehydrated when I was working out in the hot Florida sun. If you are getting them, my feeling is you MUST drink a lot more fluids. Water is best, but Gatorade is also good. Whether you think you are thirsty or not, you need to drink. Things like grapefruit juice are bad, but lemonade and orange juice are good for the stones. I was drinking lots of grapefruit juice, which I gave up.

    Since my attack back in '01 I haven't had a repeat, but the pain once is enough to make me change my lifestyle. I drink like a fool now when I'm working outside. Drinking enough is the key for me, and you too I bet. :cool:

    ETA: Get well soon!!!
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  14. Kidney stones SUCK! I've had seven and passed them all. I'd rahter get kicked repeatedly in the jimmies than have a kidney stone.
  15. navis128

    navis128 New Member

    Sep 15, 2009
    My ex has experienced one. It started in the middle of the night and I seriously thought he was dying.

    They gave him some shot at the ER for the immediate pain and his Dr. told him to hang on and drink beer and sent him home. It lasted a few days, but the beer dulled the pain a bit and helped flush it through. You're underage so I would suggest cranberry juice.

    I wouldn't have wanted that calcium deposit tearing thru my kidney tissue...that's for sure, and I've had kids...both ways!
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