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    Hello, I have a KNICKERBOCKER 12ga, double barrel that I have no info on and want to ask. On the left side of the gun it is marked KNICKERBOCKER, and on the right side it says; AMERICAN GUN Co. NEW YORK. The serial# on both gun and barrel is 9644 The barrel lenth is 30 inches. The markings on the underside of the barrels is 4 and (what looks like an curved 1) and H. On the top of the right barrel is stamped GENUINE ARMORY STEEL, and on the left top barrel is stamped CHOKE BORED. On the forearm the serial# is 275613

    I was wondering anything and all about it if possible? Manufature date? Little history? And worth of the gun? It's in not so good shape as shown in the pics below. Anything I can find out about it would be greatly apperciated!

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  2. The gun is what is known as a "Trade Brand Name" shotgun. Between 1890 and 1940 it was quite common for wholesale and retail sporting goods dealers to want shotguns with names of their own choosing to sell. The major makers were only too happy to meet this demand. Double barrel shotguns with the name Knickerbocker were made by two makers, Crescent Fire Arms Company of Norwich,CT (1892 to 1932) and the Stevens Arms & Tool Company of Chicopee Falls,MA. The guns were made for and sold by H & D Folsome of New York City a large wholesale sporting goods dealer. Crescent made the guns up until 1915 and Stevens made them after 1915. I can identify you gun as having been made by Crescent. A word of caution. The guns were designed for the ammunition in use at the time which was either black powder or early low pressure smokeless powder. They also have a shorter chamber than modern guns. They were not designed for more modern high pressure smokeless powder and certainly not 3 inch magnum shells or steel shot. I recommend that you do not attempt to shoot the gun but if you insist, have it checked out by a competent gunsmith, have your life insurance paid up and have a few fingers, hand or eye to spare.

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    Anchor C. , Thank you for the info on that and your quick reply. Ive had this gun for some time now and got it from a guy that I was doing some cabinet work for and he didn't have all the $ to pay me for after I went to collect. So in some trade, he said he found the gun in his grandmothers attic and handed it to me for my trouble trying to collect.
    I always wondered about, but never had taken the time to find out any info on it. I do appreciate all the info on your reply!
    And I know absolutly not to even let the thought of shooting it cross my mind...I do value all my body parts!

    So, do you think it has any value to it...or maybe to a collector, just out of curiosity?
    Thank you very much for the info on it! (and the advise)!!!

  4. Hello Zane. Any gun has some value. Can be low but has value even if it's just sentimental Looking at the photo of your gun, I would say that it is in fair condition and would be worth some where in the neighborhood of $75 to $100. It can be restored but the cost might exceed the value of the gun. I always advise not to shoot these old guns because I can't examine them for condition but the ones made later in the time period can be fired if in good mechanical condition and with the appropriate ammo.
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    Have yall ever seen one of these nickel plated?My pest control man says he has one. He is supposed to send me some pictures. I'll post them when I get them.
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    Not very good photos. Best I got for now.

    FullSizeRender8.jpg FullSizeRender5.jpg FullSizeRender6.jpg FullSizeRender7.jpg FullSizeRender4.jpg FullSizeRender3.jpg FullSizeRender2.jpg

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