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Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by Norman Dog, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Norman Dog

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    I just bought a US Springfield Krag because it was a good deal for a shooter. After I got it home and started doing some research on it, I realized that I had a Model 1899 in a sporter stock. Except for the stock, the carbine is complete - including the handguard. Near as I can figure, it was made in 1902 and has the correct sights and the correct "humped" handguard. It is hard to rate the finish, but it is certainly over 50%. I understand that these actions were finished during heat-treatment and that the finish ages to a unique patina. This action has the expected patina. What do you all think it is worth?

  2. Xracer

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    That sporter stock really kills any collector value.....but that's kinda typical. In the '20's and '30's, surplus Krag's were really cheap, and made fine, inexpensive hunting rifles, so a lot of people "sporterized" 'em.

    If it's a true Model '99 Carbine, the Serial # should be between 222,609 and 362,256.

    I say "true Model '99 Carbine" because in the 1920's the DCM had a bunch of Krag rifles shortened to 24" and fitted them with '99 Carbine stocks, and also fitted with rifle stocks shortened to carbine length.

    If your '99 Carbine were in original configuration, it would be worth:

    Good (50-80% finish): $850

    Fair (20-50% finish): $600

  3. Norman Dog

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    The serial number on my carbine is 346784. Looking at this firearm while it sits in my lap, I would say that the finish on the action is nice and dark and is easily over 50% - maybe even at 75%. The finish on the barrel has aged to a plum patina and only has a couple of very small blemishes. The handguard has some dings in it, but no cracks. It is not oil-soaked but has a dark reddish wood color with decent grain. The trigger guard has a few little nicks along its edges but is not bent. The finish on the trigger guard is also a plum color. It is mechanically functional, though I haven't had a smith check it for operational safety yet. Do you think this would rate as high as maybe $750 without the stock?

    Thanks! I'll try to get some pics posted.
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