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    Dec 9, 2010
    I have a Lasermax internal spring rod laser in my Glock. There's a lot of debate on amongst shooters on lasers or iron sights. Lasers provide first shot confidence and allow you to acquire your target in low light conditions. Also if shooting in close quarters or around objects where you may not be able to get a proper sight picture, a laser can come in handy. But at the end of the day you have to know how to shoot your gun because batteries do die.
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    I can see an atvantage with the laser sights in some situations. I have been shooting all my life, and have learned to point shoot at close range, much faster than a laser. At ranges out to 15 feet I use the index system, while looking at the target, I see the gun come up in line, and fire two, or three shots, depending on the gun I am carrying, and on the caliber. Beyound 15 feet there is a question on wheather you should be shooting, or leaving! Both are faster than trying to aquire a red dot. But, when there is time to find the dot on a target then the laser would be a good choice, or if you should find your self in a very unusual position to shoot from. I think that night shooting should always be done with a light first, you don't want to shoot a target you can't identify, and a laser won't help with that by itself. I try not to target shoot unless I am checking out a new gun, just to see how accurate it really is in my hands. Most all of my pistol shooting is done while moving, and fireing multiple shoots on a target. Under those conditions I don't think a laser would help me at all, but when there is time, it would be a really good tool.
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    I used to think they were a ninjas toy. Then I used an AN/PEQ 15 on my service rifle for a year. It has a visible red laser setting. I can tell you right now that lasers have a huge psychological effect on a person when you mean business (even with dust and smoke in the air and they are armed or already shooting at you). No buts about it. It is also much easier to blind someone with a laser (especialy at a greater distance). It is tough to shootback when you are looking away or are temporarily blinded. Get a powerfull enough laser and it will hurt the eyes (maybe damage them so be carefull!!). It is easier to track a laser on someones face than you think and if you have to do the unthinkable the face is not a bad place to start and dont ask how I know ;) .

    I told my wife when I got back my house gun WILL have a laser on it. God Bless her because she got me one a couple months later for our anniversary. A good one too. She got me a Lasermax Unimax. It still holds the original zero, is very bright and can be seen in daylight at typical defensive shooting distances.

    Now for the carry part and lasers. I have a Galco suede IWB holster that still carries with that laser on it after a mionor mod to the stitching. I carry it like that and the zero has not been lost and batteries last 6 hours. thats a looooong time and I have a habit of changing batteries long before they need to be. I also know how to use my sights and thats exactly how I shoot every single round to this day, even on the laser equiped Glock.

    If you know how to shoot and use the advantages of a laser it is a very helpfull tool to have on a gun if you get a quality laser.

    If you use it as an aiming aid or a crutch then expect the same results as if you were to use a crutch to run 100 meters. It will slow you down as you look for that red dot, no two ways around it. I just seen way too many times what one can do to know I want one on my housegun I just happen to carry too.

    Just my .02 folks. Nothing more....
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    Dec 29, 2010
    yeah i put a set of crimson trace grips on my 1911 love them not only is the laser bad ass and accurate once diled in but the grips also feel great
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