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    To counter my previous statement, I do shoot swaged lead wad cutters in my S&W Model 52 in 38 Special. But it was designed for that bullet, pushed all the way into the case with NO exposed lead. There are specific loading specs for that gun that can not be deviated from. The velocity is about 760FPS with a 148 grain Hollow Base Swaged Wad Cutter made especially for this gun (it can be used in others). This semi-auto gun is a Bullseye gun from the 1960's and is based on a modified Model 39. It is one beautiful and accurate pistol! It REQUIRES this LEAD bullet and these loading specs... exactly. It does not lead the barrel at all.


    I hope you caught in my previous post that diameter (sizing for lead bullets) may be the key to successful use of lead bullets without leading. I wish not to cast and size bullets so I have never verified that. For you casting bullets works. For me and others(??) it may not because we choose not to cast bullets for various reasons.

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    Yes sir, I read your post and I hope my post wasn't contridictory to yours, just sharing my experience. You're correct; casting isn't for everyone, just like I'm not attracted to swaging my own bullets. I've worked with metal in one way or another for most of my life so my reloading moving into casting/reloading was a given. I have the room, the area to work in safely, and enjoy burning myself with those shiny little pellets of lead...:p

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    I helped friends in the 1960's cast and swage bullets in large quantities and decided at that point that neither was for me.

    And your post was not contradictory. I just wanted to point out the importance of correct sizing was part of the key to no leading, as you have noted here many times before.

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    With all that said............Can anyone suggest a good .38cal lead bullet??

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