lee dies vs others, why no lock ring?

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by soundguy, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. soundguy

    soundguy Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2012
    i setup a lee 35 rem die last night.. first lee die I've used ( others have been CH and rcbs, etc.. ).. and noticed that theyle they have a retainer ring and oring.. they do not hve a locking ring? is this becuase they intend you to tighten thin ingo a quick change breech lock bushing and then use thast as the swap? can i assume hornady will be the same?
  2. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    The Lee lock ring works kinda like a jam nut. and when you tighten it down into the press the rubber O ring smashes into the die body and makes it snug against the die.

  3. soundguy

    soundguy Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2012
    but.. when you take it out of the press.. since the nut has no set screw.. you loose your adjustments. with other dies with lock rings.. you can just screw in and go.

    I realize lee may be expecting you to use a breechlock system and drop in and go.. etc. similar to the hornady setup.. etc. I think I'll be putting some rcbs locking rings on mine..
  4. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    I prefer the Hornady lock rings over the RCBS however, I prefer the Lee lock rings over all the others. Redialing the die's in is no big deal for me.
  5. soundguy

    soundguy Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2012
    it's no big deal.. but it consumes time. I like to walk by my play room and hit a lil work 5 m here.. 10m there.

    can't do that if i am taking 10m to adjust a die just so... and then no time to play.. :)
  6. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    Take a sharpie and put a dot on the lock ring and die body while its set up right in the press. Then when you unscrew it just grasp the lockring and die body together then theyll stay together where you left them. the dots are so when you reinstall the die for the next loading session you can put it back exactly where you had it last.

    I personally put a drop of penetrating loctite on the dies ill never reset and use a stubby 1 1/8 wrench i cut to remove and install the die. and the penetrating grade loctite still allows you to adjust the die if you need to it just takes a bit more force.

    Granted its not as dead simple as setting a lock ring setscrew but I find set screws (RCBS) are notorious for coming loose and to keep them from doing so you have to run them in so tight it boogers the threads or strips the set screw.

    I guess I just like the way LEE dies are set up.
  7. 1LoneWolf75

    1LoneWolf75 Active Member

    Apr 29, 2012
    Farson WY
    Lee does sell lock rings fer this reason. The way I read the catalog there is supposed to be two nuts and you set it then run the bottom nut down then the nut with the o-ring down to it to lock it. to remove you back off the bottom only and the whole die come out. I may be wrong as I just got the press and can't order dies till next week, but the breechlock is cool.
  8. soundguy

    soundguy Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2012
    none of my lee dies i just got have any lock rings or 2nd rings. just the 1 with oring.

    I personally don;t want to trust the dot method. I wouldn't trust I got it colse enough. maybee on a pistol it won';t matter.. but on a rifle I'm crimping for.. IMHO.. it will.

    on my rcbs rings.. I do use some loctite green on the set screw and the ring.

    I also use the actual rcbs wrench to remove the die/rings. works great. way better than a palin spanner or a pliers set.. :) for me anyway.
  9. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    Oh I understand. I have done it for so long it is second nature. Sometimes I will be setting my dies up while I am listening to the talk radio or talking to someone and when I am done I realize that I was on automatic pilot. Then I have days where for some reason they fight me and it is usually because I am suffering from HUA syndrome.
  10. redwing carson

    redwing carson Former Guest

    Dec 11, 2010
    western wyoming
    I replaced the crimp die in the Dillon with a Lee Factory Crimp die for .45 Colt. I like these crimp dies.:)
  11. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    that o-ring retainer for the lockring is about the only beef I've had with Lee dies.

    I replace them with the Hornady split-ring type lock ring that also has two wrench flats on the ring. Makes em a lot easier to keep locked in adjustment.
    I replace the RCBS rings with the brass setscrew with these split-style rings too.
    Midway, Grafs, etc, put em on sale every now and then and I buy a bunch at a time so I've got enough on hand to outfit at least two sets of dies.
    BUT...every now and then I have to readjust them anyway depending on if I switch presses (I've got an RCBS single-stage, a C-H 3-station, and a Lee hand press).
  12. PA_RIFLEMAN303

    PA_RIFLEMAN303 New Member

    I think the breech lock set up is one of the most stupidest ideas ever but the price on the kits is nice. in the past 5 or so years I've learned that the breech lock and Lee's version of the lock ring make for a serious variance problem all the way down to round to round level.

    My solution to the breech lock is JB weld the bushing into the press. this removes the variances in bullet seating depth and if you use collet dies, that too is affected by the roaming bushing.

    My solution to the Lee lock ring or lack there of is to toss them out and buy real lock rings. I suggest Hornady sur-locs as they have a set screw to tighten it but they were smart enough to realize that running a screw against the treads on a die is stupid.

    I am a comp shooter and I take handloading seriously.
  13. 312shooter

    312shooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2008
    Las Vegas NV

    Wow competition shooter using Lee equipment??? Oh man WHERE is LD??
  14. PA_RIFLEMAN303

    PA_RIFLEMAN303 New Member

    Lee is just fine.......... as long as you rework it a little or at times a lot :D

    I can load the same quality ammo on Lee equipment as i can with RCBS, Dillon, Lyman Etc. it just takes some changes to the Lee equipment to get it up into top line status.
  15. todd51

    todd51 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    Somebody, I think one of the members here suggested on the RCBS dies to remove the set screw and put some lead shot pellets in the hole (just a couple depending on the size you have) and then replace the set screw. The lead forms to the treads on the die and holds better. I have done that and it seems to work fine. I only have one set of Lee dies .45 Colt and I replaced the rings with some RCBS rings off some old dies I no longer use.
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