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    As I stated in my introduction post on this forum, my family and I are on a temporary assignment in the Atlanta Metro area and we are living in an apartment. Because of the limited space, I left all my loading equipment at home. Well I am having reloadingitis and the only cure I know is to reload. I am thinking about buying a Lee Anniversary Kit to cure my illness. I own two complete RCBS set-ups and the only non-green equipment I own is one set of .222 Lyman dies, the Lee autoprimer, and Lee case trimmer system that you chuck in a drill and use different length gages and one cutter. Would you buy the Lee kit? If not, what would you do considering my situation?

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    Arkie55, good to have you on board.

    I own nothing but LEE equipment, started with the loader my father left me when he passed away 7 tears ago. Have progressed to other Lee products. Pro1000 and the LoadMaster. I have had no problems at all with the Lee stuff. ( Except I load to much, What my wife says ). The Lee stuff is far lees expensive than other loaders, the warrante is about the same as others, You pay up front on the others, Lee equipment, if it breaks after 2 years, they will replace it at 1/2 the price at that time. If it breaks brfore the 2 years, it cost nothing. I think it is about the same. maybe a little more in the long long run. I wore out my semi-progressive last year, had loaded about 35,000 rds on the thing, ( YES , I did say 35,000 ) , it cost me $38.00 for a brand new machine, had it in 12 days. I cant complain.

    Hope this helps.

    Again, welcome to the BEST BOARD ON THE WEB. TFF.


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    I have used RCBS, Lee, Lyman, CH4D, and can say that while Lee isn't as slick as the others, it gets the job done at a fraction of the price, with just as much accuracy in the end product.

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    I have been using a Lee Turret Press with Auto-index since I started loading about 16 years ago (at age 15). Love it. I started with .303 British and then moved on to .44 Mag and others. About a year ago I added a Challenger single-stage to use for the big rifle calibers.

    Just this week I finally decided to buy a true progressive to load quantities of .45 Colt and others that I shoot regularly. Since I also needed dies for my new .41 Magnum, I bought a Lee Pro 1000 for it and the shellplate for .45 Colt/.44 Mag.

    So...I love Lee. The price is right, they work. Maybe a little tinkering, but they work fine.


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    The Lee stuff is good. If you don't want to load too many rounds and it is awkward to set up a press in your apartment you might want to get a Lee hand press to supplement the Anniv. Kit. It's the sort of tool that will always be useful from time to time even if you are using a regular press.

    In any case I've seen lots of folks who use non-Lee presses really like the Lee dies so when you get back to using your regular equipment give the dies a spin.


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    I placed an order with Cabelas on Sunday for the Anniversary Kit from Lee, a set of 6.5X55 dies, the universal shell plates, the 6.5X55 length gauge and a few other small items. I got an email from them yesterday and all my order has been shipped. I really appreciate the input from everyone. your input helped me make the decision to go ahead and order the Lee equipment. Thanks guys. It should make a good addition to my other equipment.
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