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  1. Harryintheboro

    Harryintheboro New Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    After buying a Lee Pro 1000 and almost having a nervous breakdown trying to get it to work right I sent it back vowing never to buy a Lee press!
    I bought a lee Load Master, progressive reloader then I threw away the set up instructions that comes with it. I went on You Tube and got all the information I needed to set it up so it would work like it is supposed to, It took me four days to work the kinks out, now i'm loading 100 rounds in less than ten minutes.
    FYI:Most problems with a progressive press is the priming system so, I prime off the press. The best thing to do is take whole priming system OUT! I also decap and size off the press using my old RCBS Rockchuker, I know it's a little extra work but by eliminating sizing and decaping dies it makes for a smoother, faster stroke and you don't have be looking to make sure it set a primer and you'll still be loading much faster than with a single stage press. As for the powder measure; I choose a disk that threw 5 grains of bullseye. When I first started using it I checked the powder charge every 20th or so rounds. Using an electronic scale it was and is dead on 5 grains.
    So give a try, what have you got to loose eccept a lot of frustration.
    UPDATE: So far I have loaded 1200 rounds of 9mm without a glitch, after all i've heard about the Load Master I guess it either works or it doesn,t

    UPDATE: 09/27 I've loaded over 1200 rounds of 9mm. I changed calibers and now loading .45 auto. It took a little "tweaking" but it's now loading good rounds. I had to take the case feeder off and load the cases by hand, but i'm stilll loading 500 rounds per hour.

    UPDATE: 10/2 The large case feeder assy I ordered from Mid-South arrived, it is now installed and adjusted. Loading 1,000 rounds .45 ACP in four hours, this is with refiling the case feeder, refilling bullet tray, dumping loaded round bin, picking up rounds that jumped the bin, ciggy/bathroom break, scratching my butt, etc...: ) When I change back over to 9MM i'm going to clean and lube it.

    Wait till you see what I did with the 9mm case feeder that gives me double the case capscity!!!
    I'm sure I'm not the first one to set up the load master this way so lets hear ffrom some of you...
  2. RandyP

    RandyP Active Member

    Jan 22, 2009
    Out of curiosity, are you counting all the time you spend doing all the off-press work in that round count per hour?

    250 rounds per hour in .45ACP is not exactly 'blazing' for a progressive? I do about 150-175 at a VERY lazy pace on my Lee Classic turret.

  3. gdmoody

    gdmoody Moderator Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    Athens, Georgia
    Harry, welcome to The Firearms Forum. How's things up in Rutherford County? I lived in Nashville for many years and still have friends in M'boro and Eagleville.

    I have always been a big fan of LEE products. With that being said, about three years ago, I bought a Loadmaster and loved it UNTIL I started having squib loads in .40 and .45 and then I started hating it. You need to slow down and look into every single case to make sure that powder is being dropped properly. I also had problems with the plastic parts in the primer feed breaking all the time.

    I sold the Lee and bought a Dillon and haven't looked back.
  4. Harryintheboro

    Harryintheboro New Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    No Randy I don't count that time but I'm retired so I enjoy sitting at a single stage press..remember it's only a hobby, I'm not out to break any records. I think I still save time by not having to "check" every thing that the press is doing.
  5. Harryintheboro

    Harryintheboro New Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    Thanks for the welcom DM. I imagine I will start having problems as time goes by, but at the price you pay for the press it only cost $180 for the basic press. I've been told the key to keeping a Lee press up and running is cleaning and lubing. So far I've loaded 2500 rounds without all the drama I had with the Pro 1000. Now that I have just about all the brass I had on hand loaded it won't be used as much. As far as the plasic parts in the priming system breaking and just generaly screwing up...take the damn thing out and throw it away! Lee makes some good products you would think over the years they would fix the problem or come up with an after market replacement. BTW, powdered grafiite does a great of making the powder disk nice and smooth.

    One thing I noticed, the rounds I've loaded seem to be bullseye busters even out of my RIA .45 auto.
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  6. warhorse1

    warhorse1 Member

    Jan 15, 2006
    One of my presses is a Load Master. I've had it for 10yrs or so. I use it to load my high volume pistol ammo, 9mm/.40./45. The press is not for everyone. You must take the time to understand how the multiple operations work and their relation to each other, and set it up properly. I can easily load 100rds in less than 10 minutes starting out with a full case feeder and primer tray. Loading the same ammo on my Classic Turret press slows me down to about 250 rds per hr. Don't understand buying a progressive press just for charging cases and seating bullets. If I were going to size and prime as a separate operation, I'd buy the turret press and save about $100. Glad you're happy though.
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