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    Jan 22, 2009
    I also use the Lee adjustable charge bar but with nothing better to do this morning just for my own education I spent a little time and weighed the charge thrown for each hole in two separate black disks and two holes of the micro disk and put the results in a simple Word doc taped to the wall by my reloading bench.

    I now have the various weights thrown from the .24 -.57 holes giving weights of Win 231/HP-38 from 2.6 -6.0 grains which will cover the 4 calibers I presently reload.

    I realize that there could be slight differences in powder volume due to humidity changes over time, but for my low-mid plinking round needs any charge weight change will be insignificant.

    Win 231/HP-38 is the only powder I use for those 4 calibers, so for me the list was simple to generate.
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