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  1. clichedusername

    clichedusername New Member

    Sep 16, 2011
    Hello, I am a very novice shooter and even newer to this forum. I have recently decided to purchase my first rifle (after shooting one for the first time) and joined this forum to seek assistance. I have read the many "First .22" threads in the archives, and am hesitant to start a new one... yet here it is.
    I am hoping to teach myself how to shoot, and I would prefer to acquire to left hand shooting .22 rifle. The general consensus appears to be that either a Marlin 60 or Ruger 10/22 are the best novice rifles. Are there any left handed variants of these basic rifles in production? The gentleman helping me in Bass Pro Shops today told me that the only left handed .22 rifles he had started at five hundred plus dollars.
    Since, in reality, I do not know how to shoot, should I suck it up and buy a normal rifle? Or are there options that I am not aware of yet?
    Thank you for your time and patience in reading this and look forward to your expertise.
  2. garydude

    garydude Member

    Well Mr. C, I'm a southpaw as well and all my rifles and pistols are right handed, with one exception. It's a high standard 22 that I acquired with sweet left handed target grips, but everyone else wants to shoot it so I put the original grips back on it.

    If you are looking for a 22 rifle then consider a lever action gun because it could be shot equally well with either hand. But I've shot 10-22s with no problems at all too. It's like most things in this right handed world; just a little compensation gets the job done.

    If you have any friends that shoot most likely they will have a 22 around that they could let you try. Most every shooter has at least one in their arsenal.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum.:dance:

  3. CampingJosh

    CampingJosh Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    Lever actions, slide (pump) actions, and many types of single shots are completely ambidextrous (that is, unless the stock is specially shaped). You should have no trouble finding one of many options to fit you.

    Welcome to TFF, CUN! :)
  4. garydude

    garydude Member

    Just to clarify- I still shoot all rifles with the stock held to my left shoulder and all my pistols with the left hand. You do have all the brass ejecting in front of your face but I never notice it. I've shot AR's, AK's and semi auto shotguns this way without problems. Are you left eye dominant as well?
  5. Regular Joe

    Regular Joe New Member

    Sep 28, 2010
    I'm left handed, and the Ruger 10/.22 has been my lifelong companion. I have 3 now. Yes, the brass ejects on "your" side, but even when I've had an out-of-battery detonation, it was not a problem. I assume you'll be wearing safety glasses.
    The only problems I've had with any guns were:
    1.) My AK underfolder has the sling fit for a right hander, and cannot be changed. Not a big problem, since it moves from sling carry to ready pretty fast. With the rifle hanging on the right side, I can comfortably carry a pistol in a left hand holster with no banging and clanging of the two.
    2.) My Glock 17L came with an extended mag release, which really chafes on a left handed shooter. My solution was to use a file to eliminate the excess.
    If you go with the 10/.22, you'll find that there are endless aftermarket options for virtually every part of the gun. Mine are in various degrees of modification, from stock with modifications that I've done myself, to my version of an "ultimate" 10/.22, which fires 5 shot groups of CCI mini-mags into one hole @ 50 yards.
    You could do very well to start with the standard model CRR. It weighs only 4.5 lbs.
    This is mine, with the Nikon 4x Prostaff scope. The factory chamber allows you to shoot the longer cases, such as CCI Stinger and Aguila Supermax. This little gun is a hoot. Even as you graduate to other things, you'll keep it as a unique and fascinating toy. I suggest that you get this or a standard carbine or the deluxe, all with the Birch or laminated stock, and then PM me to see how to get it shooting better for the least cost. Stay away from the synthetic stock!
    You may be tempted to look at the Marlin 60, which is a fine gun in its' own right. The sad truth is that it will disintegrate in relatively short order if you use the hotter loads available in .22 LR.
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  6. 6x6pinz

    6x6pinz New Member

    Nov 1, 2008
    Mesa, Az
    The walther G22 is ambidextrous. It can be converted for left or right handers depending on the individual.
  7. clichedusername

    clichedusername New Member

    Sep 16, 2011
    Thank y'all so much for the replies. My wife took me to visit her family in Delaware last week. While there, I blew through a 500 round box of .22 ammo one afternoon. All this shooting was done from the rifle rest they built on the back railing of their house's deck. It was so much fun I immediately wanted to purchase a rifle for plinking in the mountains surrounding Las Vegas where we live. I did not consider attempting to shoot the .22s from the left side or even consider it possible.
    Lever action or pump rifles, I thought, were regulated to the old Winchester and shotgun families respectively... as I said, I am a complete novice.
    The eye dominance tests that the internet provided seem to indicate that I am neither eye dominant! Is that really possible? More likely I was doing it wrong.
    Mr. Regular Joe, your Ruger 10/.22 is beautiful. Are these modifications your suggest able to be implemented by a lay person like myself. I would hate to attempt a modification and cause a catastrophic failure due to ignorance.
    The salesman introduced me to the Walther G22 as an example of a left handed rifle, but I was wary of the plastic. They are likely wonderful (not to mention interesting looking) rifles but wondered if there are any durability issues with synthetic materials.
  8. bamajoey

    bamajoey Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    If you are interested in a bolt action, CZ builds several models and they are deadly accurate. Cost is around $400 new, but no modifications are needed to get it to shoot small groups.
  9. Sandman

    Sandman Member

    Jun 17, 2009
    I shoot lefty and all of my .22's have been right handed. I have never had a problem with them regardless of whether they are semi-auto, bolt action, pump, lever, whatever.
  10. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    I'm a southpaw as well and I've been perfectly happy with most of my right-hand firearms.
    I've had a few lefty bolt-actions over the years but for the most part, I learned to reach across and work that bolt that's mounted on the wrong side. :)

    For another nice affordable left-handed bolt action .22, check out the Savage MkII GL. You should be able to pick one up for right around $200-230.
    If your local Walmart sells guns, they can special order it. Otherwise, find another gunshop besides BPS...doesn't sound like that salesman was looking very hard.

    As for semi-autos...
    I've had both 10/22s and Marlin model 60/70s.
    I do have a slight problem with the Rugers bouncing empties off of my shooting glasses every now and then but it was never a big enough problem to worry about.
    Most semi-autos work just fine for lefties...you just need to figure out how to manipulate the safety.

    A couple pump actions that I know work for lefties...
    Remington 572 Fieldmaster
    Any of the 1890 Winchester clones (Rossi is the only brand I can think of at the moment)
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  11. 1 Eyed Jack

    1 Eyed Jack New Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    Same as everyone else, I shoot left handed, but do not own any LH guns, works fine,
  12. Regular Joe

    Regular Joe New Member

    Sep 28, 2010
    So, we're both in Las Vegas! It may be pretty easy to hook up, and I can show you the local shooting places, and let you see what I've got. The rifle in the photo has a little bit of bedding modification that can be tricky, but not too bad. All of the modifications that I've done to my 10/.22's are detailed in the how to section here:
    There's a huge amount of very good info there, but don't be misled by the amount of spending that many of the members do with their 10/.22's.
    Bass Pro is generally overpriced. There are very few things I go there for. Tell me what part of town you live in, and I'll tell you the nearest private gun store to you. PM me, and we can get in touch.
  13. mr.t7024

    mr.t7024 Member

    Nothing else to add, except I have yet to see a model 60 disintegrate. :)
  14. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2009
    NorthWest Florida
    Boyd's Rilflestocks has a nice Evolution stock which is Ambi, and can be put on a Marlin 60 or 795 :)
  15. clichedusername

    clichedusername New Member

    Sep 16, 2011
    I think at this point I just need to go to a get some range time. I want to shoot some of these rifles from the left side. All of these left handed shooters with far more experience then me are not likely wrong.
    That being said, I am starting to like the Walther G22 despite the mixed reviews this site hosts. I like the idea of a rifle design that is out of the ordinary.
    Again I offer sincere thanks to all those that have offered encouragement, advice, and ideas.
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