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    Love trains. There is a railroad that runs in WV the Durbin and Green Valley Railroad. I was thinking of taking a ride to Elkins for the dinner ride. Its about 4 hours long. I would take me about 4 1/2 to drive to Elkins then the ride would probably have to get a motel room for the night or go to a friends place in Ridgeway out in Boone County to spend the night.

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    May 20, 2012
    mountains of wv.
    you will love this trip
    About Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

    Nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, Cass Scenic Railroad State Park offers excursions that transport you back in time to relive an era when steam-driven locomotives were an essential part of everyday life. Trips to Cass are filled with rich histories of the past, unparalleled views of a vast wilderness area, and close-up encounters with the sights and sounds of original steam-driven locomotives.

    The town of Cass remains relatively unchanged. The restored company houses now rented as vacation cottages, add to the charm and atmosphere of the town. From the company store and museum to the train depot, you'll find an abundance of things to do prior to your departure on the historic Cass Railroad.

    The Cass Scenic Railroad is the same line built in 1901 to haul lumber to the mill in Cass. The locomotives are the same Shay locomotives used in Cass, and in the rainforests of British Columbia for more than a half-century. Many of the passenger cars are old logging flat-cars that have been refurbished.
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    I love trains. Grew up in Railroad family. Grandfather was conductor, Father was a trainman(flagman/brakeman), B-I-L was conductor.
    When I was in college I needed a ride back to Athens Ga so I rode the engine on a freight train back to school.
    A few years ago we rode the train across Canada and took a train tour of Switzerland
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    I've always liked trains, facinating.

    Moreso when I went to work for GATX building railroad tank cars. Biggest tank car manufacturer in the USA, our plant was 3 1/2 miles long from end-to-end. Biggest annealing furnace in the USA to anneal 2 or 3 cars at a time.

    I spent one year in new car then three more in plant engineering/maintenance, took care of repair shops all over the USA. Really got to know a lot about the business including it was more economical to buy cars from non-union shops and slap our "GATX" on them than pay our highly paid welders and staff including running own Waste Treatment Plant.

    They still have the biggest leased fleet, or did as over a decade or so ago.

    Well they finally shut down new car, great job while it lasted.

    Too bad our counrty turned away from rail to trucking and interstates, big mistake!

    But I still love and appreciate trains. :)
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    Great ol Union Pacific. :thumbsup:

    Lot of money in operating a locomotive but hard to get a job with union pacific unless you know someone working there.
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