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  1. ltrimble

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    Nov 2, 2003
    I have a list of stuff here and was needing help from those in the business as to what the values of these goodies might be as I do not begin to keep up with this stuff anymore.
    What I need help with getting a value on is as follows

    Winchester model 06, 22 cal pump,ser#803581 good condition hardly any scratches.

    Winchester model 12, 16 GA pump full choke,2-3/4 chamber good condition other than chip on stock,a few small scratches.(recoil pad would cover chip)

    Winchester model 24 double barrel 12 Ga.Serial #12356 good condition, may have been re-blued prior to my owning it, not sure about the blueing, stock has a few small scratches.

    Winchester model 88 243 Cal. lever action Ser.#H279889, Weaver 3x9 Variable scope, 4 shot clip, Oak leaf and basketweave engavings on stock, has a few scratches on stock.
  2. 1) $200-$400 depending on your version of 'good.'

    2) $250-$350 again, depending on what 'good' means

    3) $400-$500 if original, $250 if reblued

    4) $300, give or take

  3. pickenup

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    First off, welcome to the forum.

    Soorrrrry C.G.
    I will let you handle this from now on.
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  4. If I could sell my stuff to the authors of these books, I'd be rich.
  5. Welcome to TFF ltrimble!!!...:)

    Gotta agree with these fella's. Pricing is tough without Pictures... ;) Got a digital camera. It would help price them.
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