Little bitta waterfowl'n

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  1. Chinook

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    Had a couple hours to go have fun today. Got the boat up the river, and started pokin around the sliughs, and side channels. Not much happenin, 'cept for the hi-flyers on a mission to somewhere... Decided to set out a small spread(about 1/2 dz. each) of Wigeon, Wood Ducks, Green Wing Teal, 3 Goose floaters, and 1 Magnum Hen Mallard. Pretty basic for the NW, and considered really, really light for the Pacific Flyway in general. But the birds that saw the spread seemed to like it. I had the travelling pair of Mallards work the deeks for what seemed like hours. But prolly only 2, or 3 minutes. After checkin things out, they dumped in, feet down, and got hammered on. A bit later, I had a group of Wigeon lookin like they were locked on, but none decided to hit the deck, and I hate tryin to sky-bust on birds not actually interested... So I let them work back down river. I decided to pick up, and move downstream, closer to the boat slide. To try to get one more set to work the decoy spread I was using. It got dark about the time I got to the new spot, so I just hit the britches, and headed in. Jumped this Western along the way too! It woulda got away had it not decided to dump a load on my boat. He was up at like 40 yds. and dropped a bomb, before it hit my treasured upholstery:p, he had about 40, BB hex shot in him, and another shell chambered. Didnt need it tho. He folded, and express airmailed himself over 150 feet upstream from my boat! But I upped the ante for geese specifically, to the 3 1/2" Winchester BlindSide's in BB size "hex-shot." And the one, 3 1/2" shell I've had the chance to use...Performed like a champion. Great new shotshells for waterfowl hunter limited to non-toxic shot. Not a hot day of fowl'n, but all in all a sweet afternoon, and the big northern Mallards are impressive in my little world of Ducks. We dont see many "double curl" GreenHeads 'round these parts, so the chance to harvest 2 mature, prime specimens is always a sweet deal. Have fun, and be safe out there all!

    Kinda hard to see 'em, but theres two ducks in there somewhere!(crazy how the blend into the camo.)

    The Magnum Green Head! He's a mounter(for me anyhow) for sure! Beautiful bird.

    And the days haul. Nice, big birds today!
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    Feb 23, 2009
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    Makin me hungry...... Nice birds !

  3. Chinook

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    Thanks! I decided to freeze the Green Head. Im gonna get 'im mounted! I dont really do the taxidermy gig, as the main purpose for me harvesting game, is food. But every once in a while, something impressive comes along. This was impressive enough for me!

    But the Goose, and the Hen, got cut into strips, and put into my Can-Cooker contraption. Pretty neat device... But it turned out better than expected. I soaked the breasts, and thigh meat in a light salt water mix for a few hours, and it really cleans up the flavor profile. Kinda evens it out a little, if that makes sense. Then soaked it in a wet brine for another hour. A double cycle in the Can Cooker for the fowl, and add veggies, and little bit of elk trimmings for the last half.. Excellent!
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