Living without guns.

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    Sounds like the charges were dropped but the judge made it a point to give her community service as a lesson to choose her friends a little better. No felony? Go buy whatever your little heart desires. I got their prudent.....typical liberal nonsense...
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  2. Archie

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    Do the lawyer thing. It will be more expensive right now, but cheaper in the long run. From what I'm reading here, she should be able to buy a firearm in her own right. (Not the same as her wanting to, of course.)

    The Sheriff's 'prudent' comment was probably intended to simplify your life. It may or may not. Do the lawyer thing.
  3. Zhurh

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    We have our share of kooks where we call home. This one joker is harmless, walks around with a rifle, lives out this trail, been treed by bear, and isn't all there. Well, another local had it out with the nutty guy and felt he was going to shoot him in the back, ha ha. So anyway, the nutty guy had a list of charges over the years, minor felonies ect. Second guy wondered why our local Indian Cop wouldn't make him stop carrying gun. Cop told town he wasn't enforcing anything, nutty guy needed gun for bear protection and everybody agreed this was good way to go. Turns out many states don't enforce fed regs & laws to the hilt; especially concerning guns. All the murders and killers in Chi Town and they can't get them to do right? What in the world is everybody worried about life in rural Idaho?

    I'd go on about my life, keep my nose clean, and not go off the deep end worrying about the law coming after my guns. So many more important things to concern yourself with these days. I mean, what if down the road; Big "O" gets on tv and tells you all to turn all your guns in. Are you taking them down to the station like good little citizens?

    Remember what Davy Crocket said about all the big man out there, all on the outside, none on the inside. I've seen a few of them myself over the years. Haven't you all too?
  4. ofitg

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    Feb 25, 2010
    OK, here's another idea. Instead of spending a couple hundred bucks for a lawyer, send the wife down to the gunshop to buy some firearm that she wants. If she passes the background check and gets the gun, you will know that she is not under any legal restriction.

    If they refuse to sell to her, use the money for a lawyer.
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