Load data for HSM frustration

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    I have not searched the web for best prices but generally the "Bulk" Winchester and Remington jacketed bullets are less expensive than other jacketed bullets and of course can be driven to full power loadings.

    The pricing from top to bottom goes: premium jacketed bullets, Bulk jacketed bullets, name brand (Hornady, etc.) swaged bullets, plated bullets, local caster's cast bullets, home cast bullets with gas checks, home cast bullets.

    I rarely if ever use plain cast bullets any more. For target shooting I generally use plated Rainier bullets or for my semi-autos use the Bulk bullets. I have not tried any other plated bullets because my source only stocks Rainier plated bullets. I have to use full wad cutters (cast or swaged ?) from Hornady for my vintage S&W Model 52 that shoots 38 Special but it is one of many handguns that I target shoot with. Other than that I just don't buy cast bullets anymore. I don't cast my own (been there, done that, don't like to do that!).

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    Lee has data (that comes with their die {also available Seperately}, for 38 Special and 357 Magnum, Lead, Plated, and Jacked 125gr .357 bullets, including min. OAL

    So...lets put an end to this "there is no load data for plated 125gr bullets", THERE IS!

    If you reload, you should have a cornograph to to verify that your loads are "in the ballpark".

    Loads for lead and plated bullets are not critical like trying to get maximum velocity with jacketed bullets. Note that most load given for lead bullets have velocities around 800 - 1100 ft/s. That is to keep leadding of the barrel to a minimum. Not because they will exceed maximum pressures. Lead/plated bullets need enough powder to push the bullet out of the barrell so that the next round doesn't fire into an obstructed barrel. They also need to limit the powder to keep the velocities low enough to prevent/reduce barrel leading. A 357 Maggnum will take the powder load/pressures to push a jacketed 125gr bullet to 1800 ft/s. I don't think the gun will go KaBoom as long as you don't try to load lead/plated bullets like you would jacketed bullets.
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    I have some berry's 125grn FN plated 38spl that I have loaded with very good results they don't have a crimping groove so I just made a good guess, just don't crimp them very hard. 4.5grns W231- cci-500 primer 1.430 C.O.L
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