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    Sometimes the local news broadcasters can be pretty funny, even when it is not intended.

    This week a sportscaster was telling about the auction of the baseball hit by Mark McGuire for his 70th home run. It sold for 3.5 million dollars(so they reported). It was mentioned that the buyer had the ball from McGuire's first HR, the 60th HR, plus a few others, all hit by McGuire.
    Then this other newscaster made the comment: "That guy must really love McGuire's balls.",,,
    The whole news room roared, then they went to commercial.

    Well, it was funny when it happened,,,,lol

    Stan H ,, nighthawk

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    , Stan H.! Wish I'd heard that. Too funny!


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    | Del Mc Guire's balls!
    Hehe!...over National airways yet!
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