local woman shot for yelling at speeders to slow down

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  1. hkruss

    hkruss Active Member

    Mar 13, 2008
    Mobile, Al.
    She's dead.
    Leaves behind two children. The kids are orphans now, because their Father was killed several years back.
    All this because she yelled at a car to slow down. Quite a reason to kill someone, eh?


    On top of that, some of the local news outlets are being very P.C. by not reporting the race of the occupants of the car (black), as witnessed by neighbors. And no, I'm not trying to make a racial issue out of this.
    My point is, if the M.P.D. wants help finding these guys, would it not be helpful for the local news outlets to give out ALL the known details about the suspects?
    To be fair, some of the outlets have mentioned the race of the suspects, some have not. The fact that some haven't, I find disturbing. God forbid they be perceived as ...RACIST!!!! (Sarcasm, heavily intended!)
    Sounds like shades of Jack's Australia, where race can't be mentioned about alleged suspects.

    Enough about that.

    What a stupid reason to kill someone.
    Poor lady. Poor kids.

    What a screwed up world it is. :mad:


  2. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    surprised ? , welcome to the world of PC where nice is also deadly long term but we dont talk about that much ;)

  3. Bobitis

    Bobitis Guest

  4. Bobitis

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  5. gunslinger69

    gunslinger69 New Member

    Jan 7, 2012
    I noticed that yeaes ago when I would see footage of maybe a robbery where you could clearly see the suspect was black but when you'd read about it in the local paper they would never state the race of the person, but they ask for your help I.D.ing them. I would think that would be the first and most important detail to help find them. It's unbelievable how stuipidly PC this country has become.
  6. hunter29180

    hunter29180 Well-Known Member

    What does her murdered husband have to do with the shooting? DO YOU HAVE INFO that makes you think his death and hers were connected?:eek:

    her "current" intrest was identified in the first link. :rolleyes: What more do you need to know?:confused:

    the MOST telling point is that SHE was unarmed and her MURDERER had a gun, HE was in the middle of the street, she was at least, what 20-30 ft away? she must have had long arms to be a real threat to her killer. POINT is it WAS COLD BLOODED!
  7. Alpo

    Alpo Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    NW Florida
    Her boyfriend said she yelled at them to slow down.

    Yeah, I've yelled at cars to slow down, too. Anything from "slow down a******* ", to "speed limit's 15 M*********** ".

    If she's got good eyes, her "slow down" should could have easily been "slow down you f***** n******!" But whatever it was, apparently the speeder did not like it, and stopped, got out and shot her. Happens. Has nothing to do with having a gun in the car, and little to do with what she yelled. Seems like Mobile, like N'Yawlins, is now a "Chocolate City".
  8. CCHolderinMaine

    CCHolderinMaine Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Steep Falls, Maine
    Political correctness = the death of freedom.
    Political correctness and free speech are mutually exclusive.
  9. Bobitis

    Bobitis Guest

    She was murdered. I'm not sure how one defines 'cold blood' though. I'd like to know more about the matter. I'd like to know more about her past and that of the b/f.

    40 y/o single mom, worked as a bartender, plenty of tats, prior hubby was stabbed to death. To me, that raises some questions.

    The fact that she was murdered isn't the issue. I'd like to know the underlying symptoms. Given the statements in the article posted, we have no idea how address the tragedy.

    It could easily be drug related, jealous rage, or any number of other scenarios.

    Seattle is currently being ravaged by murders and most of them are gang related. The problem here is the liberals and minorities have hog tied the police dept. You'd have to live here to understand what's really going on.

    Sorry if ya didn't care for my post Hunter, but if we don't figure out what's causing the disease, we can offer no treatment for it.

    I've always been a 'why' guy. Just cuz someone says it don't mean it's true. I wanna know why. That's all.
  10. raven818

    raven818 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    Now days, all we need to do to be a victim, is walk out of our homes, and that's not really accurate either.

    She didn't deserve to die for whatever she said. But Bob is correct, IMO, to question it. I'd also like to know why her husband was murdered. Was her murder connected in any way to the husbands? Drug community? Racial? Sexual?

    In the long run, it won't make any difference, she's dead.

    But..if a reporter sets out to make her look less human, by entering non applicable information about the murder, why? What was the reporters motive? He/she had to have one.
  11. time2shoot

    time2shoot Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2012
    Brandon SD
    I yell at speeders on my street all the time. i have ben know to through whatever is at hand at them also. they call the cops all the time. they usaly get charged becouse the wife video tapes them.
    my Father in law is making me a sign that i want to say "Hit one of my children becouse you are speeding or racing down my street! You wont need an attorney.
    My street is only two blocks long,T intersection on both ends. with 11 kids in thoughs two blocks under the age of 9.
    Hell even some of the police through stuff on there streets.
    I love small towns.
  12. hkruss

    hkruss Active Member

    Mar 13, 2008
    Mobile, Al.
  13. raven818

    raven818 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    Poor kid. I bet his parents treated him badly. I know for certain, somebody else made him do it.

    He was such a good student, said his 5th grade teacher. His next door neighbor, a paraplegic, said he went to the store for her every Sunday, right after he got home from church. 'He never did get over the loss of his puppy ', his pastor said. :bleh::bleh::bleh::bleh::bleh:
  14. Alpo

    Alpo Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    NW Florida
    S'pose they accidentally left the V out of his name?

    Murder isn't a capital crime? WTF?
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