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Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by Millwright, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Millwright

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    Jun 30, 2005
    Of late I've been reading a lot about super long range game slayers such as "Sendero Rifles, Pronghorn Busters, Beanfield Rifles" in caliber such as the RUM, WSUM, etc. Add to that such things as range finding scopes of mega magnification. The common thread being all are described as being used from a bench or rest and seat, often from a blind placed months before the season opens to shoot a wandering deer across open space, often from an elevation.

    Is this 'hunting' or merely killing ? Are we substituting the technology of 'rich boys' toys' for traditional hunting skills of stalking and shot selection/placement by those too lazy or inept to perform ?

    As hunters we're faced with increasing pressure from various anti-hunting groups. Can we defend this sort of hunting ? To one used to shooting to a 'minute of wood/rock/Pdog ' at 300 -500+ yds. a deer at those ranges is a very large target. 'So where's the hunt ?' >MW
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    I truly believe you have a very valid point. I can't even start to argue with it even if I wanted to,which I don't. I use a Remington 338 Senduro with a 4.5X14X40 scope. I feel very comfortable shooting at 300 yards at standing animals. I also have shot much further at coyotes and sometimes even hit them. The problem that I see in shooting several hundred yards at big game is that several "hunters" have no idea if the animal was actually hit. Thus a beautiful animal goes pretty much to waste. No some would say,"Well coyotes or something will eat it." Yes I presume so, they can also catch their own food without our help. I seldom ever shoot any big game over 200 yards, as a matter of fact most of my shooting is less than 125 to 150 yards. Probably 75 or 80 percent is less than 100 yards. I have passed on some really nice Bucks and several nice bulls that were just to far for me to feel comfortable shooting at them. Now for those individuals that can complete that 500 or 600 yard shot at a running animal, I salute them, I also say my initials are BS so I don't need theirs :rolleyes: . I truly believe that we should attempt every time to make it one shot,one clean kill. Just my opinion. catfish
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