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  1. rowdyredneck

    rowdyredneck New Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    I'm looking for a new rifle to do some extended range target shooting. I've pretty much narrowed it down to a .260 Rem, .25-06, or a .308. I'm leaning heavily toward the .260 at this point but I can't find many rifles offered in this chambering. I've heard tons of good things about the 6.5-284 but I can't afford a custom built rifle, so I figure the .260 is about the next best thing. I would like something in the $500 to $600 price range but about all I can find is a Remington model 7 and the Ruger M77. I don't care for the shorter barrel of the model 7 and I've never heard many good things about the Rugers being as accurate out of the box. I can't find any Savages in that chambering either. Anyone know of any other models in this price range? I'm also open to any other advice or suggestions on which caliber would serve me best.
  2. Coltonator

    Coltonator New Member

    Dec 17, 2006
    Have you checked the Stevens? no .260 but, they have some nice affordable rifles.

  3. rowdyredneck

    rowdyredneck New Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    Yep, I've looked at the Stevens line. From what I understand they are basically a Savage minus the bells and whistles. Very affordable but nothing in .260 Rem.
  4. Try the Savage Model 12 in 7mm-08.
  5. The Big Dog

    The Big Dog New Member

    Sep 5, 2005
    Tacoma, Washington

    I've got a few questions to ask you. Does this rifle have to be a repeater or can it be a single shot? Is this rifle going to be used for targets, long range varmints, or hunting? Are you open to building your own rifle? What about switch barrel?

    Got your attention yet? Yeh I know. You're thinking $2000 - $3000 for this rifle. What would you say if I told you that it can be done for about what you said was in your price range? What you need to do is look for a Savage bolt action rifle. It doesn't have to be new. You're going to change the barrel anyway. If the Savage has the accutrigger, that's a big plus. Now, check out E Arthur Brown web site, http://www.eabco.com/ now go to the search area and type in Savage barrels. You can buy your 260 Rem, or the 6.5-284 barrel for $289 installed or $259 and you install the barrel yourself. The barrels are very easy to change, even I can do it. If you found a Savage rifle for $250 and $259 for the barrel, you're in the $500 - $600 price range you were looking at. You can buy the barrel nut wrench and the head spaceing gages at MidwayUSA.com, http://www.midwayusa.com/ Look under gunsmithing supplies. This way for $259 you can have a whole different caliber. If your Savage is a long action, you can add 30/06, 270 win, and 25/06 to the calibers you can choose from.

    Now a days, a switch barrel rifle is making a lot of sence. Savage is just making it easier.

    Catch you later,

    The Big Dog
  6. Rowdy another good caliber to keep in mind is the .204Ruger. It is turning out 3900+ FPS with comercial loaded ammo
  7. rowdyredneck

    rowdyredneck New Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    I went out last weekend to my nearby Cabela's but they weren't much help. They didn't have any used Savages in stock and the clown working behind the counter didn't seem to know if they could even order a new one. I thought about getting a rifle built from Savage's custom shop but as I understand their .260 barrels have a 1:9 twist rate when I should have a 1:8 for the type of shooting I plan on doing.
    I want this gun mostly for target work, but I would like to do some varminting as well. I would love to take a trip out west to make some prairie dogs explode in the future. I just bought a new Remington 700 SPS in .223 last winter, then about a month later they introduced this rifle in a heavy barrel varmint model for only about $50 more than what I paid. I wish I had known at the time and I would have waited for that one.
    I'll try going to a different spot this weekend that has a wider selection of guns, maybe they will have a used short action. I'm assuming either a .243 or .308 would work since they share the same bolt face as a .260.
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  8. Don Buckbee

    Don Buckbee New Member

    May 25, 2004
    Grayling, MI
    Although I don't own one, I think the HOT rifle today is one in 260 Remington caliber.
    Last fall, a guy shot a Mule Deer at 550 yards with one, so I'm a fan of that chambering. If I was just starting out in hunting, that's what I would get.

    Edit to add: As far as Rugers not shooting well out of the box, let me say that I just bought a Ruger Model 77 Mk II in 257 Roberts last October before our Deer season. Didn't have time to work up loads, so I assembled one load for it and took it out to sight it in. The first three shot group measured 9/16" at 100 yards using a 4x scope. That is nothing to sneeze at. I did do some trigger work on the rifle, but no bedding or other tweaking. Also, I have read other guys who have similar experiences with Ruger accuracy.
    I think at one time, Ruger had their barrels supplied to them, and accuracy was an issue. Since Ruger started making their own barrels, accuracy seems to have gotten better. I also have a Ruger Model 77/22 Magnum that is accurate too.
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  9. The Big Dog

    The Big Dog New Member

    Sep 5, 2005
    Tacoma, Washington
    Hi again Rowdy,

    It sounds like the idea of a switch barrel has got youe attention. While I'm at it, let me throw another monkeywrench into the works. For all my long range varmint rifles, I build them around the Hornady Amax bulley. Very accurate and very explosive. E Arthur Brown at http://www.eabco.com/ has the barrels you are looking for with the 1-8" twist in the 260 Rem and tne 6.5-284. These calibers with the 140gr Amax are an awesome long range varmint combo!!!!!!!!!!! Now here's the monkey wrench. EABCO also has a 6mm BR barrel with a 1-8" twist. This wtist is great for the 100gr - 105gr 6mm bullets, ie the 105gr Amax. Check out this web site, http://www.6mmbr.com/ A guy that held the 1000yd bench rest record did it with the 6mm BR and the 105gr Amax's. The up side for the 6mm BR is the longer barrel life. It also comes close to the 243 Win for speed. The down side is you have to hand load for it?

    My 1000yd BR Rifle is chambered for the 6.5-284 with a 1-8" twist barrel and the 6mm BR with the same twist. I'm having so much fun with the 6.5-284 that I haven't had time to try the 6mm BR barrel out yet. I just chambered a 6.5-284 for one friend and am getting ready to chamber a 6mm BR for another friend.

    It seems like I'm so busy building guns for friends that I don't have any time to work on my own projects. I want to build a rifle for the wife that doesn't kick much so she can come and shoot with me. I've got it narrowed down to maybe three calibers???????? 7mm BR, 6mm BR, and 7mm-08. I think I'll let her choose.

    Catch you later,

    The Big Dog
  10. Birdville2011

    Birdville2011 New Member

    Jun 26, 2007
    for a .25-06, look at Mossberg's new 4x4 rifle.
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