Long range shooting

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    I borrowed this Jack O'Connor excerpt...it still seems timely.

    a long-range shot should never be taken if there is a reasonable chance of getting closer.

    a long-range shot should never be taken if the rifleman feels doubtful of his ability to make a good, solid, well-placed hit.

    a long-range shot should never be taken if the hunter cannot get into a solid position - prone with a sling, from a rest, etc.

    a long-range shot should never be taken at any dangerous animal - a brown, grizzly or polar bear, a lion, a tiger, a leopard, a cape buffalo.

    a long-range shot should never be taken at an unwounded, running animal.

    a long-range shot should never be taken if the animal shot at can get out of sight so quickly that it would be difficult to ascertain the effect of the shot.

    a long-range shot should not be taken if the range is so great that a hold on top of the shoulders will not drop a bullet into the chest cavity.

    these rules may seem ultra conservative to many, and i must admit that there have been times when i did not follow them myself. however, the more i hunt and the more i see others shoot the more convinced i am that they are wise and sensible rules and if they were universally adopted the number of game animals that get away wounded to suffer and die would be greatly reduced.
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    Two-inch snubbie revolvers are seldom good at much over a hundred yards.... ;)

    Seriously, damn fine advice, Swede!

  3. bigboom338

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    Mar 27, 2003
    South Dakota
    Swede, after hunting in this state for 20 yrs. I could not agree more with those statements you posted. There have been times when I did not follow those rule myself but like you the older I get and the more I hunt the more I firmly follow them.
    Now if all of the people would do the same.
  4. Xracer

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    Unfortunately, too many "hunters" take their rifle out of the closet on opening day of deer season, blow the dust out of the bore, throw it in the car, stop at a store and pick up whatever kind of ammo is on hand, and head out into the field (frequently with a flask on their hip).

    "Sight a rifle in? What's that mean?" :confused:
  5. misiu

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    Apr 12, 2003
    British Columbia
    Long range shots

    Hi Guys:

    I can't agree more with the sentiments expressed above. I particularily agree with the observations regarding those "hunters" (I hesitate to use that word for them) who do not practice regularily or who take a haphazard approach to sighting in their rifle. I had a hunting partner like that for one season and I soon quit hunting with him.

    My only other observation is that what would be a "long range shot" for one person may NOT be for another. It depends greatly on your competence-practice-and firearm. The key is to know what ones limits are and abide by them.
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