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  1. mr.t7024

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    I have shot squirrels with a Revelation 120, 22 inch barrel(marlin 60) and the bullet goes right through.Using Remington SubSonics. Shot one the other day with the Remington 510,25 inch barrel much quieter,but the bullet did not go through the critter. Am I correct that the 3 extra inches not only quieted the shot more so but also slowed the bullet down?:) Cliff
  2. Alpo

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    Feb 3, 2007
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    Yep. 22 ammo is designed to burn completely in around 16" of barrel (at least that's the length I've heard). After that the bullet is not accelerating anymore, and the friction of the extra barrel actually slows it down.

  3. Chinook

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    Agreed Alpo! Always full of great info! Thanks!
  4. mr.t7024

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    Thanks Gentlemen, do appreciate! Cliff:)
  5. GunHugger

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    The difference in velocity between a 22" and 25" barrel is about 100 FPS.

    Shot placement made the difference, not the barrel length IMO.
  6. JLA

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    16-19 inches is ideal length for .22LR. over 20 slows the bullet down.
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