Looking at getting my first centerfire rifle, need advice

Discussion in 'Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun' started by Idempotent, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Mar 23, 2008
    I think you have been reading too many of the gun writers that have to have the latest super short fat magnum super duper. The 308 is a good choice and a good round as is the 30/06 or 270 Win. My first centerfire rifle was a Rem M700 in 30/06. It still shoots to an inch 40 years later that is if my "old" eyes work right.
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    The o6 is an excellent cartridge.U can get in 110 grain bullet up to 220 grain . If U shoot alot do your own reloading. The Rifles U listed are excellent, I prefer the Browning myself!:D
  4. William Harper

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Montgomery, AL 36106
    Dear Idempotent:
    Try a 7.62-39mm bolt action. I have the CZ 527 carbine. Remington and Ruger make them too. I believe a Russian 7.62-39mm bolt action may be imported. My CZ was $674.00, but the ammo proved plentiful, cheap and accurate, and it is an easy cartridge to hand-load past the factories' 40,000 psi for the SKS and AK47 semi-automatics to the official 50,000 psi. At that pressure my little 5.9 Lb carbine becomes a kind of .31 Hornet spitting a 150 grain .311 spitzer soft point at 2250-2300 fps. No 20" barreled .30-30 carbine can top that or handle half as well. Factory ammo is cheap. Wolf (Tula) makes a clean 124 gr spitzer HP that groups for me in .75" at 100 yards and is cheaper than any jacketed bullet load I can produce on my press. Wolf also makes a 122 HP and a 154 gr SP that are good but have sealer at primer and case mouth that requires frequent cleaning to keep a bolt action with close tolerances working reliably. Brown Bear, a smaller Russian firm, makes some good shooting 7.62-39mm hunting ammo a bit hotter than Wolf. Remington, Federal, Winchester and Cor-Bon also make effective 7.62-39mm that will outstrip the .30-30 150gr past 100 yards. Cast bullets are in good supply and effective on small game and varmints or even large game. .223 bullets can be fired past 3,000 fps with accuracy using sabots with good accuracy. Powder efficiency is wonderful. 28.5-29 grs H332 drive the boar-busting 150 grain .311 Sierra spitzer SP made for the .303 British with a tough enough jacket to penetrate a boar's shoulder armor and enough energy to drive deep. I got the rifle purposely, after all considerations, to protect an old friends estate from feral hogs with no intention of engaging any other game but having learned the 7.62-39mm could be an excellent white-tailed deer rifle to 200 meters and versatile enough to smash coyotes or even to take small game with light cast bullet loads. This is about the cheapest big bore to shoot today. The short, small bolt actions shoot it fast and straight. I can't say I notice my heavy feral hog load's recoil much. I would call it lively! I believe the Russians are exporting an elegant single-shot break action for this cartridge, which is strong and light, but not the rifle with which to face fast, irritated feral hogs. Have a good look at these 7.62-39mm bolt action rifles. One might serve you well. Good luck in your quest.
  5. Idempotent

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    Jun 21, 2009
    I finally ended up getting my rifle a few days ago. I will post pictures tomorrow (because I know everyone wants to see pictures).
  6. rancherodad

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    May 22, 2009
    just a point the savage has package guns with scopes for less than 450.00 and I think they will shoot with anyones gun and in time when you ready and you will be upgrade to the gun of your dreams
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