looking for a pump 22LR

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    I have a Browning BPR 22 LR that a neighbor gave me a year or two ago. It is well built and very nice to shoot. He bought it to kill a few squirrels and chipmunks and when I got it it had around 25 rounds through it. Now somewhere in the ball park of 350.
  2. trex1310

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    Apr 11, 2009
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    I have a Henry .22 magnum pump (H003TM) octagon barrel. It shoots
    great and is very accurate. I'm sure the .22LR version would be the same.

  3. now thats a nice rack of 22s
  4. hey, trex1310, i have a henry frontier model H001T 22LR ,i bought a marlin model 39A 22LR the same day, and the henry for some reason came with a sight that is only supposed to be on a youth model bolt action. i am waiting on them to send me the right site for it. it shoots 8 inches low at 50yards ,i have a penny roller under the sight now to make it shoot right, till they do a henry aint a option for me. i wanted that henry for years. the marlin was dead on at 100 yards right out the box.
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