Looking for info on an old shotgun?

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  1. Rebelzman

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    Feb 17, 2007
    I have an old shotgun that was left to me by my dad after his death.It is a double barrel 12 ga.and the only name markings on it are "J.J.Weston"It has belgium laminated steel barrels in which "Belgium Laminated Steel"is inscribed towards the end of the barrells on top and "Rabbit Ear"hammers.The barrel release is centered between the hammers.It has a black plastic butt plate with carvings of what looks like some sort of a water bird.I have been trying to find out exactly what kind of gun this is and haven't found it in any antique catalogs.I saw one that was very similar to it on a show that aired on the History Channel which was about old shotguns of the west.The ones that were shown were from the time period of around the 1880's and one was almost identical to the one that I have.I can post a pic if anyone can identify this item for me.An old friend of mine that is now deceased told me it was a "Belgium" but don't know how reliable that is.

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  2. I did find this on the gun, Rebelz. Hope it helps a bit.

    "Shotguns with the name J.J. Weston were made by one of two
    makers. one American and one Belgian and they were not made
    until 1890 or later. The American maker was the Crescent Fire
    Arms Company of Norwich, CT (1891 to 1931) and the Belgian
    maker was Henri Pieper of Leige Belgium. The Belgian made
    guns were imported between 1890 and 1914 when World War
    one cut off exports from Belgium. The guns were sold by H & D
    Folsome, a wholesaler who imported guns and owned Crescent
    Fire Arms as well. The way to tell the difference is to look at the
    bottom of the barrels under the forearm (handguard). The
    Belgian made gun will have proof marks consisting of the letters
    "ELG" stamped in an oval. There will be no proof marks on the
    American made gun.
    CAUTION! The gun was designed for the ammunition in use at
    the time which was black powder. It was not designed for
    smokeless powder of any kind and in addition if made in
    Belgium will have damascus barrels. It was certainly not
    designed magnum shells or steel shot. I don't recommend that it
    be fired with any kind of ammunition."

  3. Rebelzman

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    Feb 17, 2007
    Thanks for the info.I looked under the barrels and there is the oval with the "ELG" there.Evidently this is a Belgian gun.I haven't fired or even thought of firing this weapon considering it is an older gun.I really appreciate this info and the warning of not using or firing it with modern ammo.It is more of a collectible for me.My dad won it in a card game over 20 years ago.The handgaurd was missing when I got the gun and would like to find one to make it complete.It needs a little work on the triggergaurd and the it is in original condition.I plan to leave it that way with the exception of fixing the loose triggerguard.Any idea on its value for insurance purposes?I'm not much of an avid gun collector and all the people I have shown it to doesn't have a clue as to what type of gun it is.I know that a 12 ga. shell fits in the bore.Thats why I felt it was a 12 ga. I would like to know its value though as I said "For Insurance Purposes"only!I wouldn't consider selling it.It holds more sentimental value than anything else.Besides,Its a good conversation piece.
    Thanks for the info and have a good day,
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    Current value, in the condition it's in, is about $50.
  5. Rebelzman

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    Feb 17, 2007
    Thanks for the reply Xracer.Although I have turned down several offers for more than almost ten times that amount by some local collectors(not disputing your assessment and with all due respect)who wasn't sure of its make and origin.As I said its worth more to me sentimentally and as a collector and conversation piece.I am trying to find the forearm handguard to make it complete.I was thinking of having it restored and refinished to like-new condition just to have as part of my small collection of small antiques.
    Again,Thanks for your time to reply.I appreciate it greatly.
  6. Rebelzman

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    Feb 17, 2007
    "Even a Hawk is an Eagle among Crows"
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