looking for some opinions on a security six

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    our gun shop had a 95% er blued 6 inch for $275. I almost bought it. but it had pachmeyer grips and i like origianals.
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    This is where knowing what to look for in a used gun is essential. Cosmetic condition doesn't mean much to the overall condition as to function and safety. I've bought used guns for very little due to cosmetic condition and had them reconditioned, then resold them for a good profit. Looks aren't everything. A lot of cop guns look used but are often shot very little, making them a good buy at the right price. The Security Six is a fine revolver, and with GP-100's around $500.00, a good functioning Security Six at $250 could be a good deal.
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  3. The PA State Police carried Ruger Security Six'es as issue/duty revolvers in the 1970s and as such, there were, at one time, quite a few available as police trade ins, in PA. That was certainly QUITE a few years ago, but IMHO, the asking price is a bit much for one that appears to be in "rather poor" condition. The Six's (Speed, Service and Security) are EXTREMELY well made, strong revolvers, but even so, and given that I am also located in PA and am "somewhat familiar" with regional prices, the asking price is excessive (remember, I am basing this on your description, as we have no pictures to evaluate.) I personally wouldnt offer much more than $250 myself, and if you are "shopping" with a retail gun shop, its actually not terribly likely that you can get the seller down THAT much. If you have your heart set on a Ruger Six model, I too, suggest that you watch the online auction sites and Guns America, and also, I would suggest that you consider attending a few of the PGCA shows in your area, which are usually in excess of 1500 tables. I am not sure if they are currently being held at the Monroeville Expo Mart or the old Murphys story (empty) located on Route 30 in Greensburg, as I stopped attending regularly a few years ago, but due to the sheer size alone, these shows are generally a good place to locate examples of nearly ANY firearm, even obscure ones, that one would want to locate. These PGCA shows are held every other month, (6 per year). You can "google" the PGCA to find the dates and the current location for these shows. Happy hunting!
  4. Jeep - sorry for the confusion - I read the thread, but didnt differentiate between your posts and TomInGreen's - you are located in Eastern PA - in your case I would suggest that you look for the shows located in King of Prussia, as there is one particular promoter that holds equally large shows (1200-1500 tables), 2x a year there. Sorry for any confusion - I used to drive to the PGCA shows from the State College area 3-4 times a year because they were such large, excellent shows, but for you, in your part of the state, that would be an almost prohibitive drive and a very tiring round trip!!
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