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    It is not fair throwing in a ringer like a Sig P210 but there are other Sigs that are as accurate and probably more accurate than almost any Glock. The one of note is the P220 in 45ACP.

    Sigs, if you have not inspected one, are beautifully made, and are accurate as well. They are all metal (or at least the ones I would recommend are). They will out last any plastic gun. Maybe you don't care if the gun will last decades or even many decades. If that is the case go with any old plastic throw away gun...it matters not which one. But if you want a quality gun, made to last, made to shoot accurately then go with a Sig, new or used. Sig themselves offer used ones turned in from police forces all over the USA. Most often those guns are carried a lot and fired little so would probably be in great shape.

    Another all metal gun that you really should be considering is the CZ 97B in 45ACP. It is a large gun but excellent. There is also a clone of it from EAA (Witness) that in my case shoots right along with the Sig 97B but with the Witness there is more variability from gun to gun. Some of us won and other, not so much. The CZ 97B is every bit as nicely made and as accurate as the SIG P220, in my opinion.

    If you did not get that I do not like plastic guns, I'll say it now...I DO NOT LIKE PLASTIC GUNS! That's a choice of MINE. I have an early P220 (marked Browning, who imported them at the time), the CZ 97B, the Witness, a Colt 1911 (actually in 10mm but close enough), and a Rock Island 1911 that has all match internal parts I installed...All in 45ACP (except the Colt Delta Elite). I have NO plastic guns. All the above pistols are excellent and I would recommend any one of them. But I have a special place in my heart for my Sig P220.

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    LD, aren't you a fellow fan of Kel-tec though?

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    You may want to check out the P210 Legend. And that article is full of bull. They were not a small run. They made as many as they could make and sell. They made them up until the late 1980's. They weren't expensive either. Now the Legend is very expensive. But the original P210 was just not that popular among many shooters who didn't really like 9mm handguns at the time. It was before the modern 9mm cartridges became available. But just for the record there were 350,000 of the original P210's made. That's hardly a small run. Keep in mind that the 210 is back in production with an upgrade or two but the new guns are a limited production unlike the original. I don't know how many they will make but again, the original was NOT a limited production pistol.

    And the 210 is just one example of what a Sig can do. The article pointed out that the P220 was the direct descendant of the 210 and I plainly said my 220 can do 2" groups at 50 yards but certainly not every time. It does shoot very accurate though and I doubt you will find any Glock that will match it's accuracy.

    You can prop up Glocks all day. There's no way they are as accurate as Sigs. It's a well known fact. They weren't designed to be as accurate as Sigs. That doesn't make them bad guns. I clearly said I like them. So I'm not "putting them up" against Sigs. I'm just describing the differences in the guns and the facts as I know them.

    If you doubt my conclusions try the ones on this web page where the 21 is compared to the P220. He rated the accuracy of the Sig much higher but he rated the Glock as a better buy. Makes sense to me but I could shoot my Sig better than he shot his any day of the week. But then he didn't spend any time figuring out the best load or practicing from what I could tell. That's not much of a way to run a test IMO but that's pretty much how they all go. For a better test of accuracy he should have fired from a rest instead of off-hand but he didn't. Just for the record the Sig managed a 3.5" group at 25 yards while the Glock couldn't do better than 8". Both were fired off-hand.

    There are plenty of other places on the net that agree with what I said about the Sig being more accurate. I suggest you use Google if you want to read them yourself.
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    You didn't mention price in your post ,however,I see you are already looking at Glocks. Also,beside home defense,and target,will it be used for concealed carry ?

    As mentioned already,you will get a ton of advise of which is the best.45 auto.Someone already posted about feel,& fit.This is very important .As already suggested,I would go to a shooting range where you can rent,and shoot several makes,and models.From there,I think you'll see from you target grouping,which is best for you !

    I own 1911's,Sigs,Glocks,and several others .I practice with my 1911's,but find myself carrying my Glocks. The thing I like most about a Glock,or Sig,is right out of the box,with no modifications,they are ready to go.This is not always the case with a 1911 in the same price range.

    If price is not a barrier,and you like the 1911 profile,then Kimber Springfield Armory,Para Ordnance are a good choice.Wilson Combat,Les Baer,and a few other custom 1911's will also serve you well right out of the box ,if you're willing to spend over $2000,or more.

    E.A.A,along with Ruger also makes some affordable,and reliable .45 autos.Take your time,shop,and shoot !
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