Low fat, healthy delicious tender loins

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    I LOVE those huge breaded Tenderloins we used to get when I was a kid in Pekin, IL. But I found a way to make a CLOSE alternative that is low fat and VERY fast.

    We buy a whole rolled loin, one of those jobs that is about four inches thick and a foot and a half long or so. I cut it up into slices about one inch thick, and then hammer the CRUD out of them with one of those big heavy metal tenderizers until they are about eight inches across and 1/4 thick. I do up the whole loin, and then stack them a few in a plastic bag with wax-paper in between slices and freeze them. When we are ready for a tenderloin, pull out a bag and thaw it out, and GRILL these things on a George-Forman style grill until they have nice dark grill lines in them, maybe five minutes or so. Some Chicago Steak seasoning ground up on them as they grill is a nice touch too.
    Put 'em on hamburger buns (which they hang out on ALL sides!) with pickle, onion, mustard, ketchup -
    Man, these are GOOD!
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    Sounds really good, Terry!

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