M1 Carbine codes

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  1. number5rb

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    Apr 18, 2012
    Got a nice M1 carbine that appears to be a pre Korean rebuild or ??? Got a couple of codes I do not recognize and not listed that I can find. Here's the info on the gun:

    Receiver Saginaw SG Div. #3263401 No date but SN should be July '43
    Barrel Saginaw SG Div with P underside half way down under stock.
    Bolt is round with a U--should be Underwood

    Trigger assy has an SA on right rear side--think it's Springfield Armory ??
    Slide has only the flaming bomb on the bottom M2 type ?
    Front sight has R and P on front ??
    Rear sight is milled adjustable, has P I on right side in front of windage
    Bayonet/band has SI on lower left ???
    Mag catch is late style with lug but no marks (thought they had an M) ??

    Hammer is M2 type with AMD ????

    Safety is lever type with what looks alot like the the Nazi SS inside a circle or two vertical lines with a curved link long to the left on top and the same curved link on the bottom kind of long to the right ?????

    Stock is what I think is Birch---too light for walnut, has an "O" on the bevel cut for the sling. No other marks, two rivets on upper.

    Gun is in great shape and just looking for info on strange codes.
  2. norahc

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    Dec 31, 2011
    An hour's drive from the nearest McDonald's
  3. number5rb

    number5rb New Member

    Apr 18, 2012
    Had been on the site, missed the link, found out the rear sight was made by Packard but nothing else. Appears that there were lots of subcontractors tho. If anyone knows who they were for the rest of the symbols would help. Basically a major curiosity mind thing.
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