M96 Mauser Broomhandle Restorers?

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 4, 2003.

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    I have an M96 Bromhandle Bolo that I'm guessing was from one of those last batches of imports some years ago - finish is all but gone (but little pitting), and there's not much rifling to speak of, though it does actually have some. I've replaced the springs, and it actually could be fireable, although I probably couldn't hit the side of a barn with it. Can someone recommend a good restorer of Broomhandles? I know of Mentor Arms, but I've heard he retired recently.

    Bonus points if there's someone in the St. Louis area. Should I be contacting Tom Heller? And if I have it restored, should I keep it in the original 7.62 Mauser, or go for 9nn?


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    Tom Heller may be a good point of contact. If he doesn't do it, he probably knows someone who does.
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    Redman's Rifling & Reboring, Omak,Wa. (509) 826-5512 has been redoing C96s since the early 1970s and was trained by the great Ward Koozer. He relined a broomhandle for me a few years back and was flawless in his craft. He is a bit away from St. Louie, though.
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    Wow! I did a search on my grandpa, Ward Koozer, and came across this article, sure was cool to see someone had typed "the great Ward Koozer". I wish I knew more on his gunsmith days.

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    Welcome to TFF, Koozer!
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    Welcome Koozer!

    It just might be hereditary, so you better send off quickly for one of those "You too can be a Gunsmith!" video training courses you see advertised by Sally Struthers or on a matchbook cover and get crackin'! :)
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    Tom Heller would be excellent to contact for C-96 projects. He has a friend in Wichita who does the best restoration slow-rust blueing I have run across. You might see if Tom can put you onto him. This guy does the finish work for a lot of dealers who "fake the funk" to get a few extra percent on their antiques.

    Do not rebarrel to 9mm. Repeat do not put to 9mm. The headpressure involved in the 9 para is really to much for even a stock specimen of C-96. Have it sleaved in .30 Mauser. Ammunition is available through Fiocci.

    I have to C-96 bible here. If you want to get a closer date run let me know.
  6. Welcome Koozer. I can't suggest anyone. I usually do my own work Sorry.
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    I think we're missing the point...this original post is from like 4 years ago, I'm not sure RobC is even around anymore...

    Koozers post was that he was a'Googling his GRANDFATHER "the Late Great Ward Koozer" who was a well known gunsmith obviously and this post where he was mentioned popped up, and it led him here oozing with pride! I know I would be just the same way if I found such a reference MY Grandfather...

    Which is also interesting that mundane stuff we posted YEARS ago when we were just a small itty bitty forum for a bunch of gun nuts is now showing up in cyberspace now as REFERENCES...

    Which in ITSELF is a little scary to me, considering all the drivel I have posted here since 2001 or so, I'm just WAITING for some BS or something I posted in the heat of battle at 1:00 in the morning some night to come back and HAUNT me.... :p

    Oh well, I guess it means I just can't run for public office, I could JUST imagine the Media outcry and the grilling I'd get from 60 minutes or 20/20....

    "IS IT TRUE you are AKA "Polishshooter?" DO you REALLY shoot Polish People????

    DID you or did you not say that the M4 Sherman tank was the BEST tank of WWII???

    DID you or did you not say that the Mosin Nagant was the BEST battle rifle ever made????

    DID you or did you not once call someone a "Cross Dressing Coward" in an argument on TFF???? "

    IS IT TRUE that you have not once, not twice, but MANY times shot 'Bambi' and BRAGGED about it in public????

    Have you or anyone you know ever INTENTIONALLY shot a cat????" :p :D :D :D
  8. Koozer

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    That is correct, I just thought it was neat to see reference to my grandfather, Ward Koozer, I know nothing about guns, thank you guys!
  9. I guess I shoot southern people
  10. Light Coat

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    Never do read the print date. Sorry about that. But still; the advice is sound for future C-96 builders.
  11. polishshooter

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    Koozer, "Knowing anything about guns" is NOT a prerequisite for posting here!

    MANY of us know ABSOLUTELY nothing about stuff we post on, but does THAT ever stop us? :D :p

    But just MAYBE if you want to learn just a little more about your Grandpa, you just might want to stick around and read some stuff that is posted here.

    WE are the type of people that your Grandfather probably spent the MOST time with besides his family, talking, sharing guns and hunting stories, and experiences, BESIDES doing his gunsmith work for guys JUST like us! (only probably when WE were kids!)

    "Gun Nuts" are at the core are pretty much all alike! We may NOT agree on politics, (but more do than not!) We DEFINITELY don't agree on guns, or shooting or hunting techniques, some of us are competitive target shooters, some collectors, some bird hunters, some big game hunters, some of us may be "Hilljack" bushytail hunters, the DIFFERENCES between us are almost more marked than the similarities...

    BUT....we all share the same appreciation for the "artistry" of a fine looking and/or fine PERFORMING firearm....while some factory firearms are "works of art" straight from the factory, MOST take an "Artist" which is EITHER the gunowner, or the gunsmith, to REALLY perfect, or to turn that peice of machinery into something UNIQUE, which is OURS alone! And even those of us "amateurs," who chop and cut and modify our own firearms mercilessly, STILL appreciate reading about or seeing works of the "masters."

    MANY great gunsmith's have had biography's written about them, either when they were alive, or after they passed. MAYBE your Grandfather needs a biographer too! And what if that "biographer" is suppoised to be YOU????

    It just MIGHT be wonderful to do the research on your part, and get to meet the people who actually had work done by him! EACH of them probably has a story to tell of their interaction with him, if you tracked down just a few, you MIGHT have a great BOOK!

    And to tell you the TRUTH, you MAY have just started the research already!

    Why not post a question either in "General Discussion and/or "Technical Questions" forums here, and on the MANY other gun forums all over the 'net, and ask if anyone knew or had work done, or knew someone who had, by your Grandfather? It's easy, and you just might get lucky. If you do, you are on your way. I'm guessing anyone who is mentioned as the "Great Ward Koozer," much less that anyone "studied" under him, you should have MANY "hits."

    If you need help posting or need questions answered, we'd be happy to help!
  12. MANY of us know ABSOLUTELY nothing about stuff we post on, but does THAT ever stop us?

    :) :D :) :D :) :D
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