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    I'm posting this thread in hopes maybe someone on this forum has been in a similar circumstance. I live in MA, and have a question regarding the downright fascist laws enforced here. I'm planning on moving from my home town to elsewhere in Massachusetts, doesn anyone know how exactly I move my guns. Do I need to obtain a license within the town I an moving to? Can I keep my guns at my fathers house (within my hometown) or do they have to be moved? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Just go online to the Firearms Records Bureau and download a copy of the change of address form. You will need to print 4 copies of this form. 1 to the Firearms Records Bureau, 1 to the police department that issued your license, and 1 to the police department that you move to, and 1 copy for yourself. The 3 copies you send in the mail have to be certified mail. C.mcgillsr
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    Mar 12, 2010
    Move out of Ma. altogether.
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    If you already have guns, you should already have a license of one kind or another.

    It is good anywhere in the state, not just in the town it was issued in.

    Bring your guns with you to the new town, no need to store them anywhere, file a change of address report as mentioned in an earlier post. Your license will remain in effect until it's current exp date, when you must reapply in your new town.

    Hopefully, your new town will issue you a permit. Some towns won't or will only issue restricted permits.

    good luck.

    BTW, also check out for all things guns in New England.
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