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  1. Hello guys ,, I need to know right off hand how many moving parts are in a Mac-90 compaired to a Ak-47 ? Just wanting to know which is easyier to brake down & clean,, Im told the Mac is ..

    Thanks in Advance...
  2. crockett007

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    Feb 28, 2009
    The MAK-90 is a Kalishnikov. The Norinco made Type 56 is the same weapon, sans full auto FCG, the "evil " features (bayo lug, muzzle device, pistol grip). You will find that the stamped Mak-90 is one of the best quality AK pattern rifles ever made. These rifles have 1.5 mm thick receivers, vs. 1mm for most east bloc guns.

    They break down the same as another Kalsihnikov. Do some research by googling and learn about what you have.
    Here"s my MAK, I purchased in 1992 for $239:

  3. okiefired

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    Aug 1, 2011
    The rear of the reciever on the Mak 90 is a little different than most other AKs so after market stocks are fewer but they are an excellent AK. I've kicked myself 100 times for letting mine go. They're chrome lined barreled and have the best trigger on any AK and are 100* reliable (surprise surprise), accuracy is above average for an AK too. I've never seen a Mak 90 that wasn't Norinco made. As far as I now, internals are interchangable.

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