MacArthur in the Philippines...

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    Can anybody tell me WHY MacArthur wasn't courtmartialed for letting his air force get caught on the ground EIGHT HOURS after he was notified "Pearl Harbor attacked - this is no drill?"

    AND for not letting Kinney bomb Formosa with the 36 B-17As immediately which were the ONLY reason we were defending the Phillipines in the first place? AND later denying (lying) that Kinney had ever come to him to request the strike? (He did...)

    AND for abandoning the plan which was practiced and in place to move all supplies, men and equipment to Bataan and conduct the defense there, but instead decide on a last minute MOBILE defense of the beaches which just got all his untrained troops chewed up and equipment lost BEFORE the remnants made it back to Bataan, already low on men, ammo, food, et al.?

    AND for accepting $2 Million US (1941 dollars) from Quezon just before he left the Philippines, in direct violation of US law and transferring it to his NY Bank account before he "so valiantly made his way to Australia to carry on the war"?
    (Conjecture has it Quezon paid him to not "Show Aggression" towards the Japs even after the balloon went up so maybe they wouldn't attack the Philippines...)

    My bloodpressure is going up, it always does when I talk about this, I better take a break, feel free to add more sins to the list of his sins in the Philippines, there's lots more...

    The SOB should have been shot for TREASON, HE killed MANY US Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines by his actions and inaction for the sake of money from a foriegn government.

    Instead FDR gave him THE Medal. HHhmmmm.....

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    anything between FDR and MacArthur is suspect The Great Democrat vs. The Ultimate Republican, who could possibly be the ringmaster for that circus?

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    As I dimly remember reading of the events, Kinney wanted to bomb Formosa to destroy the airfields to the extent possible. McAuthur vetoed the idea, wanting to hold the bombers to attack the assualt fleet before it could be landed on the P's. Naturally, sea borne and long range land planes caught the fighters and bombers on the ground before anyone spotted the invasion forces. The relatively few surviving aircraft did make a small showing before being wiped out, also.

    Was never aware of the money crossing hands between Quison and McA - if I recall correctly, the national gold was taken out by submarine prior to Japanese occupation.

    The Rooseveldt administration kept promising all sorts of aid to the embattled troops in Manila, full well knowing such aid was impossible to assemble and ship. I can understand McA's frustration with the US admin over the sorry promising and procrastination.

    I think it was amazing that the poorly equipped and trained troops, both US and domestic, were able to put up such a fight for so long as they did.
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    No, MacArthur flatly refused to see Kinney. He had Sutherland meet with him, and Sutherland refused to give the permission.

    We would have caught the Japs on the ground, they were fogged in, the attack was over 8 hours late.

    The kicker is the only way MacArthur could accept the money from Quezon was with intervention from the FDR administration. The person who OK'd it was Harold Ickes, Senior. For you trivia and/or conspiracy buffs, he was the father of Harold Ickes, Junior, One of Bill Clinton's closest advisors and spokesman in his White House.

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    MacArthur was an ass - he should of been courtmartialed but he held the Phillipino loyalty to a degree and that loyalty helped against the Japanese.

    But he should of put his planes up instead of getting caught flat footed.

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    As to why McArthur wasn't court martialed.....he probably should've been, or at the very least, relieved of his command, but we already had convenient scapegoats in Kimmel and Short, neither of whom had any political muscle.

    McArthur was the darling of the right-wing Republicans, and Roosevelt needed a united nation and a united congress at that point in time.

    On that "day of infamy", America desperately needed a hero, and Mac, by default, was it.

    It wasn't fair, but it was expedient......and FDR was, above all, a pragmatist

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    Not only a pragmatist, but believed in payola, too. If Mac is sacked, then the whole world would know FDR's folly in placing the entire strategy in the Pacific against the Japs in the hands of those 36 17 pilots...along with the rest of his failed strategy, that would make all his mistakes look worse than Macs, and maybe lead to his downfal in the next election, so the medal was as much to save his OWN butt as it was MacArthur's...if he couldn't win people over with that charm and smile, he used anything else he could, including cash, or blackmail.

    FDR was another Machiavellian Bast@rd, just like Stalin. Only he didn't have people shot, just interned in mental hospitals for the duration...
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