MagTech .45 ammo?

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by ARB, May 15, 2009.

  1. ARB

    ARB New Member

    Jan 23, 2009
    Mid Missouri
    Is this stuff pretty good? I just bought some because it was the only .45's I could find.
  2. Alpo

    Alpo Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    NW Florida
    I bought some 230 ball, a few years ago, to run through my Thompson. Worked fine. Little bit hotter than US-made ammo.

  3. ARB

    ARB New Member

    Jan 23, 2009
    Mid Missouri
    I appreciate the input Alpo. I'll be feeding it to my Colt. :)
  4. I've had good luck with the Magtech ammo, ARB. I've used their .45 and 9mm stuff and found it to be pretty much on par with the Winchester White Box stuff. I've also reloaded Magtech cases and found them to work fine.
  5. PPK 32

    PPK 32 Active Member

    Apr 15, 2008
    Frickin, Illinois
    Had some problems with the .357 failure to fire, comment was made that the primer is a little hard. But put em back and they will fire again. Last box of .38s had one out of 50 fail to fire. This was in my 686 revolver.
    Fed a box to my Colt, ate em no problem, in the .45.
  6. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    I prefer to use magteck ammo in 45acp. Its a whole lot more accurate than blazer brass thats for sure!

  7. Alpo

    Alpo Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    NW Florida
    That's a little disconcerting. I've got 15000 magtech small pistol set back. Guess I'll run them in the 9s, and save the Winchesters for the 38s and 380
  8. gdmoody

    gdmoody Moderator Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    Athens, Georgia
    Never bought any of the .45 ACP, but I had some problems with the Magtech .44 Magnums. I had some that just didn't sound right when fired, sounded like squib loads and the bullets wouldn't make it to the target at the 50 yard line. Probably 5 or 6 out of the two 50 round boxes. But like Pistol said, the brass was good and reloaded nicely.
  9. My Para .45 liked the Magtech! & so did I..
  10. jdon72

    jdon72 Member

    Feb 3, 2009
    It is dirty ammo....very unclean
  11. Airborne1101

    Airborne1101 New Member

    Apr 23, 2009
    West Tennessee
    Magtech is the only factory ammo I run through my .45, They perform well. my 9mm likes it as well. I have loaded the Magtech brass and it loads well and performs well after reloading.
  12. Old Guy

    Old Guy Member

    Mar 19, 2009
    I have used Magtech and have had no problems whatsoever. I have shot 9, 40, 45, and 380. I think that it is good stuff.

    Old Guy
  13. gazzmann

    gazzmann New Member

    May 16, 2009
    So. Fla.
    MagTech works fine. I like it better than S&B and Blazer. No issues whatsoever.
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