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    I have used both beeswax and parrifin. The beeswax smells better.

    I will double the caution about a drop of water in the hell pot. First hand experience and it ain't fun.

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    Dec 3, 2005
    The reason muzzleloader bullets are usually cast from pure lead is so they can be forced into the muzzle more easily.
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    Dec 28, 2008
    Pure lead can be had from many different sources. For muzzle loaders, pure lead is preferred because harder lead alloy is too difficult to load. Hard lead is going to be hard on your loading lever in your revolver. The lead when cast is going to be shiny and bright. It'll oxidize soon enough and turn that dark gray. You don't want lead shot for muzzle loader work. It is very high in antimony and arsenic. These qualities make that stuff very hard. Shot is sometimes added to lead mix when your intent is to blend alloys for a hard projectile. Then the arsenic and antimony is your friend. But not for black powder use. Lead is not going to ruin a steel barrel, wheel weights or otherwise. I recommend the Lyman Cast Bullet Manual for good information regarding casting your own.

    Great info. can also be found here:

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    Old Dominion

    bags of shot cost too much it's more feasible to buy your balls
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    I have cast Bullets for 30 years, A good rule to follow if you can mark it with your thumbnail, it is soft enough for Muzzle loaders. The clip on wheel weights are to hard for a muzzle loader. The stick on should be OK. As they are softer .as for pushing Hard lead over 1200 FPS. with out a Gas check. I would never do it. When you get into cast Bullets. To fast of a soft bullet and you get a lot of leading. Also pushing a Hard bullet to slow will lead. A Barrel. just as fast. Reloading Manuals give Data for Lyman #2 mix. I add Linotype to wheel Weights and heat treat the bullets. Midway sells a Good flux. But you can use Wax and burn it off. New bullets should come out shinny if they are frosted you have to much heat.
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    Ive never bought any yet.

    Ive been making my own for over 30 years.

    Soft lead is the best, I get a lot of it free. If you have to buy it, dont pay more than $2 bucks a LB. Scrap yards are your friend.

    650 degrees are all you need.
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