Manurhin Walther PPK (7.65mm)

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  1. momo786

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    Hi All!

    Thanks for an awesome and informative forum!

    Looking to get some info on a PPK I inherited from my dad. Wasn't sure if I should post this under the other PPK threads, as I couldn't find a thread specifically relating to the Manurhin versions.

    Been doing quite a bit of research on PPK's recently. As per the thread title, I have a Manurhin PPK (7.65mm), blued with brown grips, serial number 289553, with St Etienne proof marks. I have the box, two magazines, Walther target, and "BANC D’EPREUVE OFFICIEL" certificate. No user manual or leather holster though.

    It's still in a fairly good condition. My dad bought it many years ago, and hardly used it...if he shot 200 rounds that would be alot. The finish is still very good; using the other pic's I've seen here as a reference, I would assume about 90% (but I'm no expert). Has a bit of the usual wear near the muzzle from holstering, and a few minor scratches. No sign of rust/pitting on the gun or in the barrel.

    My dad changed the grip to black rubber one's, but I still have the original Manurhin grips, which is still in excellent condition.

    Will try to post pic's, hopefully it works. Sorry about the quality...only had a cellphone available:eek:

    I have two questions:
    1) What would be the approximate date of manufacture? From my research thus far, Manurhin-stamped versions were made between 1969 and 1984. Based on the serial number, I assume mine would be after the mid-70's.

    2) What would the approximate value be?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    First, I would put the original grips back on. That will increase the value considerably (or not decrease it, whichever way you look at it).

    There is a lot of confusion about those Manurhin guns. They were first made in the 1950's and imported at the time. I can't tell from the picture if it has an importer marking (Interarms would be most likely). One source says Manurhin guns without import marks were made after 1984, but the PPK could not have been imported commercially after 1968. Do you know how/where your father acquired the gun? Could it have been bought overseas and brought back?

    Value, at a guess would be around $350-400 retail.


  3. momo786

    momo786 New Member

    Thanks for the response Jim!

    That's the exact reason I haven't yet put the original grips back on. They still look brand new, and would like to keep it that way until I decide to sell it. For now I'll continue to use the rubber grips.

    There are no importer marks on the gun, Interarms or otherwise. Besides the Manurhin stamps, there's only "St Etienne" stamped on the chamber, as well as the St Etienne proof mark (looks like a crown or castle). There's another small stamp on the frame next to the serial number. It looks like a shield with the Manurhin logo/wheel inside it. On top of the shield, there appears to be a small crown (different to the one mentioned above). There are no other stamps.

    I'm in South Africa, and there were no restrictions on importing guns that were considered too small, as was the case for the US. My dad purchased the gun second hand in the 90's. We have no history of the gun before he bought it.

    I have done a quite a bit of reading to determine the manufacture date, but it is proving to be a bit difficult. There seems to be a lot of info on Walther-marked guns, rather than the Manurhin versions.

  4. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Ooops! I keep reminding myself to look at the poster's information to see where he or she is from, but keep forgetting. Of course "import marks" would not be required in South Africa.

    I think, though, that that is probably one of the post-1984 guns with that high a serial number, but I can't prove that.

    The St. Etienne proof mark for pistols is what is called in heraldry a mural crown, or walled crown, a crown shaped with battlements.

  5. JaemsT

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    Dec 18, 2013
    This PPK was manufactured in 1973. Manurhin manufactured Walthers from Oct of 52 to Dec 85. The PPK was first reproduced in Oct of 54. Manurhin manufactured 1.3 million units of Walthers in all calibers and types. This would include all those that were sent to Walther, in Germany, to be finished with the Walther banner and made in W.Germany. Walther didn't start making the PP series, again, until after the contract was over with Manurhin.
  6. wonderwhippet

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    Jan 10, 2003
    The value you were given is pretty accurate for your gun if it were located in the US. As for its value in South Africa, none of us on this forum can hazard a guess. While it is fairly commonly found here and not particularly valuable, and having no real interest to collectors, and in a caliber which is considered almost inadequate for self defense, it may very well be in great demand in South Africa. What are your firearms laws like and what are the ramifications of gun ownership where you are?
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    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    :) Alas, zombie post. the OP hasn't been back since 2010.
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