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    Mar 27, 2003
    South Australia
    Does anyone here know where i can find so info on Margolin .22 semi auto pistol?

    ive done a google search but didnt come up with much, i would like some history on it and any other details i can get

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  2. Hey!

    Welcome to TFF Vipergt!...Jump into any of the forums while your here. What kind of shooting rules are you under..."Down Under"...[​IMG]

    Anyway...From "Bluebook"...

    Original pistol design by M.V. Margolin developed after WWII as a training firearm for the Russian shooting team. The Margolin is currently being manufactured at the Izhevsk mechanical plant in Izhevsk, Russia.

    Target Model .22 LR cal.

    Originally developed from the Tula Tokarev, manufactured to precise tolerances, many speciman's are made to individual shooters specifications, seldom encountered in the U.S.A., while rare, desirability to date has been limited, current mfg., limited importation.

    Margolin pistols are generally priced in the $450.. to $850.00 price range assuming they are in 95% + condition.

    There are Chinese copies that sell for less, but the Russian Margolin's are considered to be of superior quality...

    Hope this helps some...stick around and share some experience...[​IMG]
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    Mar 27, 2003
    South Australia
    Thanx for the info

    actually ive been around for awhile reading different posts.

    to own handguns in australia you must join a pistol club and do 12 weeks of firearm saftey training (one a week for 2 hours)
    after that we are free to purchase pistol and use them (at the range).
    for rifles we only have to do one day training.
    it is illegal to use Handguns for hunting in australia (exept Northern territory), rifles and shot guns are fine, but not full or semi auto rifles.
    the worst part, is to purchase a gun of any sort (include air guns) we have to wait a minimum 28 days, note MINIMUM can be as long as 90 days.

    anyway i have recently purchased a Margolin .22 semi auto target pistol that has "made in USSR" and other russian writing on it. i got the original wooden box for it aswell
    they are fairly common here, mine is about 90%-95% condition and i got it for a good price of $270 AUS about $135 US, most of them is about that price alittle more though, im mates with the gun dealer and he gave us a good price.
    it is very reliable and well made and is very easy to field strip and clean.
    i didnt like the looks of it at first but it grew on me, now i like it nearly as much as my browning buckmark target that i paid $820 AUS (about $410US) for brand new

    if anyone knew of a website that had info on it i would appreciate it thanks:)
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  4. vipergt!...

    Viper, Sounds like a nice pistol that you have, especially if it's a "shooter" with some accuracy. Jump into the .22 .cal competition in the other threads, post up some pic's when you go to the range of your gun and targets...

    Try this link, scroll to the bottom and e-mail the webmaster he may be able to pin down more info.,...;)
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    Welcome to TFF ViperGT, sounds like the prices of guns in Austraila is down right affordable to bad I cant come down there and buy some weaponery.
    We cant hunt with full auto here either.