Marijuana makes terrible camouflauge

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    Marijuana makes terrible camouflauge

    This another one of those “AW Shit that can’t be true” type of story…

    Sometimes… truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction….however… you be the judge……

    It begins….

    We had chopped into a little wide spot in the jungle, on the side of some God-forsaken mountain that had no name… just a grid co-ordinate…

    Our mission was to use this spot as an observation post and establish a small bunker complex to be used for that purpose….

    Did I mention that it was positioned just right to get a clear view of Ke Sahn?? NO?? well.. that is why this particular spot was chosen…. It was twenty or thirty miles up a very long valley north-north-west of the Marine base (I think… time fogs the direction)….

    It was really a very beautiful piece of real-estate and even though the heat was unbearable (as usual) there was always a fair breeze that kept us cool..

    Now…. While building this little “garden of Eden” as it became to be known in the few days following our landing there, we discover, to the absolute dismay of the Capt.…. That the only camouflage that can be used is….

    the fifteen foot tall stalks of…



    Well….. MARIJUANA!!!!!!

    The stuff was everywhere!!…. we had used it as cammo for the bunkers before in other areas……but that stuff was just weeds, small and stunted…

    BUT THIS STUFF!!…. elephant grass was smaller than this stuff…

    Needless to say… a few of the younger, “California dreamin’” boys decided that since we were in “stand-down” mode…. It wouldn’t hurt to smoke some of this stuff….these five guys were from Cali .. I think two or three were from San Diego and the others from LA, so you can understand what kind of mind-set THESE guys have…..

    Yeah….. OK…..

    ONE LEAF was about six to eight inches wide and about two to two and a half feet long. fer Christ’s sake!!

    Cuban cigars were smaller than the “things” these guys rolled!!! Years later. A Cheech & Chong movie could have been patterned after this stuff!!

    So… after finishing up for the day… guards were posted… schedules passed out… pass-words set up, chow was finished and those fools settled down for a long smoke over at one end of he “compound” if you could call it that… out and away from the prying eyes of the Sgt.’s and Officers….

    These guys would, most likely, get into trouble… but being where we were, they could have just as easily get killed too…so the Sgt.’s just ignore them and no one tells the Officers…..

    Along about seven in the evening, the camp had settled down and they light up….

    Ok… so now they are really “out of it” the stuff seems to be very strong….. and one of them starts trying to get a Spec-5 to try it…this particular Spec-5 had been in-country longer than they had and had maybe twenty or thirty missions under his belt.. so he wasn’t new at the game…. Just drugs…….

    “AW come on…. Just one drag”

    “No thanks”

    “Come on… it will be good for you….”

    And so on……they are trying very hard to get this guy to try it…. he smokes, but has never tried weed before… well… they finally get him to take a drag….and before long.. HE is floating too….

    They think that it is hilarious….one of them gives him another one for later and a couple of them head for their sleeping spots….

    This Spec-5 and two others are still at it… and the sun is about to set……

    When out of the blue……..a Machine-gun opens up on the compound!!!!!

    OH SHIT!!! Now we are taking fire from three places!!!!

    And, as always, in this situation… time compresses and as someone yells out to those fools to take cover… they just sit there and keep smoking….

    The machine-gun has turned toward them… the trees are being torn up, grass and large dirt clods are jumping up all around these three…. The two “Cali” boys finally realize what the hell is going on and they duck to cover…


    They leave the Spec-5 there!!! Leaning up against a tree and puffing away…

    oblivious to the world…


    and life in general…..

    The machine-gun takes several chunks out of the tree just next to his head and one of the bullets ricochets off of the tree and cuts the joint out of his hand……


    And then he is up…. yelling…. Something about “YOU MESSED UP MY JOINT YOU &^%#%^&:” and it became more unintelligible from there……

    He pulls this knife he always carried, a custom made job, about nine inches long with a double edged front spear-point and an axe-point in the middle of the blade…. A really weird knife… he had it made in Utah someplace and it was his favorite camp knife/camp axe…. All chrome with a black handle…. It was really a very pretty knife.. even if it looked awkward …

    And proceeds to CHARGE THE MACHINE-GUN!!!!!!

    He is running right at them!!!!

    He covers the fifty or so yards at a dead run and before they can get a proper bead on him… he is among them…..

    And he is chopping them to pieces!!!!

    His knife flashes in the failing sunlight and brings down the machine-gunner with one blow across the collar bone.. he strikes him once again in the head… turns and slashes the assistant gunners throat, and then stabs another one in the chest, upper-cuts another in the groin, one enemy that had been acting as security for the machine-gun shoots at him and then charges him with his rifle, baynet out (an SKS)… he gets it in the eye-socket, the chest and then gets his throat slashed

    The Spec-5 then proceeds to chop at them again and again and again until there is no one alive there ………

    But him…..


    Covered in blood….

    Chrome steel shinging through…

    Still chopping at the lifeless lumps at his feet….

    The other enemy see this and break and run…..

    The fire-fight is over…..

    No one is killed ….. nor wounded…..

    Er…. Us at least……..

    We have a total of ten dead NVA in the camp and six of them were killed by him…….

    He had to be disarmed… he was yelling and wildly slashing at anything that moved……

    A real “Beserker”… spaced-out… out-of-touch… almost foaming at the mouth!!

    Now…. After everything is … again… settled down.. and after he is dryed out…. …..he shakes constantly now…. Shivers…. Cries….he is covered in blood……he has to be bathed in a stearm as he also soiled himself ……

    He doesn’t remember a thing

    Not one thing…..

    Now… the quandry of the Officers is…….

    Does he get court-martialed for it??

    Or a medal for it?

    Or do they all just forget that it ever happened and warn him never to smoke that stuff again??

    His action, did indeed, break the attack on the camp…..

    What do you think happens??????

    Twenty days later… after the unit had been relieved…. He is sent out on a mission

    A mission from hell……


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    (9/24/02 9:50:40 am)
    Re: Marijuana makes terrible camouflauge
    Mith.....another Good One!

    Now, is that "California Dreamin" or ......? I know very strange happenings happened there but...... were you there to see that one?? Will be waiting for the next - lol


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    Re: Marijuana makes terrible camouflauge
    Holy Crap!!!

    That must have been a helluva thing to see...

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    Re: Marijuana makes terrible camouflauge
    Excellent read Mith ..... ;)

    I would tend to believe this to be true without a doubt ... ;)

    Six Out!

    "Its True ... We Are A Department Of The Navy ... The "MENS" Department"

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    Re: Marijuana makes terrible camouflauge
    "WUNDER-BAR"---BRAVO----JOTOW (that's Jap for ditto)---though I never chewed, snorted, or shoved the 'shit' up/into any body orfice, the troops sure as hell found the crap in country---Mr. Mith, you have a gift of spinning a yarn--in my minds eye, that Garden of Eden spot you described north of Khe Sanh, sounded like Hill 881 north. I'm going to fwd your story around to some troopers who linger and lurk---bet they'll picture as I did those temperate climes---BTW, where did the youngsters get that 'shit' down in the camp area---maybe the same place as they got those gawd-awful looking hairciuts---many a night when my duties required that I go out checking posts and stations, the acrid odor of shit being smoked, lingered in the air---there was the overused expression when I'd chew on the offenders, "what are they going to do to me Senior Chief---send me to Vietnam---don't make no f-----g difference, nohow!! Tell us more stories Mr. Mith---you have us under your spell!!! wilborn

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    (9/27/02 10:43:26 am)
    Re: Marijuana makes terrible camouflauge
    Holy cow! That's a winner!

    Now you've got me wondering about the mission from hell...

    As have us all intrigued and hooked (deep).


    Phantom Phixer/Apache Keeper
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