Marlin 39A question....

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    I fell in love with the model 39 and earlier versions of these 22 rifles. Just couldnt justify the expense, even for a decent used one. Later today, I am headed out to finally shoot mine. I have been working on getting these in firing condition, and now they are ready. My oldest is a model 1897, mfg 1903, then 1892, mfg 1904,(1891 and 1892 are non take down models) the 39, mfg 1929, and finally a 39A, mfg 1954. All of these I have picked up over the years in some point of disrepair. The 39A is pristine except some bozo tried to add checkering to both pieces of wood. Would not have been so bad if he matched both sides. One side was half size of the other. And he didnt completely finish either. Fortunately there was enough material so I could remove all of it and now have a beautiful new looking rifle. The early 39 was cheap considering. All of the furniture was junk. I finally got it done and waiting to apply a nice finish and new butt plate. My older two needed ejectors, among other repairs. These early models use a different style ejector and I didnt have one to copy, so bought new ones form a local smith that supplies to Numrich. There is virtually no difference in these rifles manufactured over 120 years now. Except for being hand fitted parts, most will interchange between the models. Like a good Winchester model 1894 and Colt 1911, some things will never go out of style.
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