Martini Henry with a difference ?

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by Charlie the sniper, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Martini Henry rifles, just float my boat, I blame the Movie "ZULU".:D
    I own a Greener shotgun, with a Martini Henry action already, but have been on the look out for a Martini Henry rifle, one that is not overpriced, but in good shooting condition. The other consideration is calibre/caliber, I would like 577/450, but the price of each round would be far to high around $8 USD
    Another popular round is the .303,????
    Then yesterday, a really good friend of mine, he is the guy who "gave" me the Greener shotgun, told me that a friend of his, a professional gun maker/smith, and Martini Henry fan, will build/re chamber me a Martini Henry rifle in ....7.62x54R :eek:, the cost £/$ free of charge, the only catch, I will have to be patient, after all his paying customers have priority.
  2. can't beat the price,
    good things come to those who wait.:D

  3. budman46

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    Nov 3, 2008
    charlie the sniper,

    i was infected by zulu much the same as you and love the martinis.

    i have two of the .22 club target guns one scoped, the other original and i had a greener shotgun action turned into a wannabe quigley rifle with a splinter forearm, pacnor barrel, tall tang sight and .45 colt! why? i have a dillon progressive press that cranks out .45 colt like popcorn and with a heavy charge of hogdon's h-110 powder and 300 gr. cast bullet it chronographs 1300 fps. groups at 100 yds are 2".

    the 7.62x54 conversion would be yourself a favor, have the barrel set up for .308 bullets if you intend to reload.

    a feature i have come to appreciate with the shotgun action is the safety lever that has to be moved before each shot...

  4. swanshot

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    Here ya go: This was built on a Greener cadet action.
    It's calibre is 30 Herrett. Shortened 30/30. I love this little rifle

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