Maryland man gets year in jail for “eradicate Islam” email

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    Maryland man gets year in jail for “eradicate Islam” email

    Posted on December 1, 2010 by creeping
    How many Muslims are prosecuted, investigated even, for their threatening emails, comments, tweets, etc? Sharia is a one-way street. 12-months jail, 12-months supervised release, and a $3,000 fine.
    via Post Now – Md. man sentenced for threats to mosque.
    A 25-year-old Maryland man has been sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to threatening the members of a mosque in Illinois.
    The U.S. Department of Justice says Ilya Sobolevskiy was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Urbana.
    Authorities say Sobolevskiy pleaded guilty in August to violating the civil rights of members of the Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center.
    According to authorities, Sobolevskiy wrote in an e-mail to a member of the mosque that he would “do WHATEVER it takes to eradicate Islam.”
    Judge David Bernthal called Sobolevskiy’s e-mail “an act of terror” and gave him the maximum possible sentence.
    A first person account of the court proceedings via Criminalizing Free Speech: The Kafkaesque Persecution of Ilya Sobolevskiy (Atlas Shrugs)

    The defendant took the initiative to contact law enforcement about the Islamic group’s apparent jihadist sympathies.
    In spring of 2008, the defendant, against his better judgment, fired off some nasty emails. For that, he got the maximum penalty: 12 months incarceration, a fine, and 12 months of supervised release.
    The defendant was unjustly punished out of proportion to the crime (if it was a crime at all). The government twisted the law to “make an example” out of someone who did not deserve it. I was present at the hearings, so I can attest to what happened during the proceedings.

    Moreso, many activists of all stripes regularly receive threats far harsher than what the defendant said. For example, Robert Spencer regularly receives death threats that he publishes on his website, To my knowledge, few if any of those threats by Muslims are investigated or prosecuted.
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    Apr 28, 2008
    a tad excessive i think. not the wisest choice to send provoking emails.

  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    read my responce to this , its the same everywhere , Islam can do say and act how they wish, we must be tolerant , we must not intimidate inflame or upset them , or we are criminals , they may incite rape murder and criminal actions , thats all ok .. we must not upset them , or we are criminals and when they act like criminals and become wanted criminals the world court and the US president will pardon them , invite them to their country for pray days and to plan the over throw of the west , but thats all ok

  4. obxned

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    But it's okay to post, print, shout, and parade in favor of killing Jews or 'death to America'? Equal protection under the law would require that most of the muslim leaders in this country be locked up for many, many years, since they are guilty of innumeral counts of this crime.
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    Nov 28, 2010
    They who scream the loudest tend to get what they want.

    Radical liberals have been doing this for years in America...slowly taking way more from moderates and conservative values, by pushing their agenda and views on our society; regardless of how it really affects our country. Just like the liberals, radical Muslims have figured all this out and are using the same methods to distort the true meaning of our original a matter of fact they are doing it all across the globe where people are afraid to stand up and call them out.

    Freedom doesn't mean you are free to do whatever you want to me and my values.....because then you are taking my freedoms from me. Where is the balance in our society anymore. It seems like it is the 10% that whines and cries that dictates what the remaining 90% of the population will do. What happened to majority rules?
  6. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    just back from a anti mosque rally in Newcastle

    there was a sign ther saying kill all those who dont like Islam ( dont like )

    thats ok , but the cops wont let us say Nago ( arabic slang for unich )

    they can threaten tha ladies who attens with rape and murder , they threatened to follow the ladies home

    all ok

    i see a pattern forming through the haze

    a big red target over the words EVERY MUSLIM

    i wonder if thats offencive ????
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