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    For those of you who have read the book "Guns and Violence:The English
    Experience" by Joyce Lee Malcolm,Firearms Control by Colin Greenwood or ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SLIPPERY SLOPE: GUN PROHIBITION IN ENGLAND AND SOME LESSONS FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES IN AMERICA by David Kopel This is the article by David Kopel.

    Ever since Greenwood wrote his book Firearms Control in 1972 (which was a breakthrough on the subject),other authors such as Peter Spires,David Kopel and other people did research on Firearms in England and published their books. It is like a puzzle. Greenwood connected his pieces of the puzzle,
    All these people merely are trying to complete the puzzle as best they can to figure out the questions,these people had to research about England,and a alot of people were helping these people write and publish these books. And now Iam a contributer to do my own research on Firearms in England from roughly 1903-1960. Iam not overly concerned about the decline of firearms certificates (late 1960's on) because these people have filled in the details, etc as did david kopel. It is a journey and we all contribute to that journey and we all have remind our readers to compare and contrast other peoples work. It is important to keep this history alive and without writing another
    book, the history of firearms as these people wrote in their books will eventually be forgotten,if we do not write fresh material.

    This is why it is important for people to have knowedge of these books
    and pass it on. I want to increase knowedge of this subject that is
    why I came on this site and proposed to people who viewed my posts
    if they were interested in writing a book about Firearms in England and
    Wales,with a new prospective because most of the National Archive
    material is never been published in a book,plus instead of writing a
    book on the subject from articles and other people work,this would be the first time that a book would be bringing you the events as it actually happened as opposed to telling you about it.

    That is why I wanted people to understand that this is a unique opportunity
    to write a book about in a unique way.

    If anybody (any authors on the site?) is interested in writing a book on the subject,contact me.

    I will supply the material necessary to complete the work.

    Iam not a ghostwriter or a author,I just want to know if anybody is interested.

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