maverick 88 is it any good?

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  2. they have these shot guns at walmart for 150.00 are they any good? i heard they were made by mossberg- anyone own one? would they make good home defense weapons? :D

  3. For all practical purposes, they are Mossbergs.

    The 88 if I recall is a Mossberg model 500. All the ones I seen around or fired were fine. Where I used to work we had an armsroom full of 500's and I can't think of any difference with an 88.

    $150 is a good deal. I know 2 years ago I saw them for $250.

    A 12GA pump shotgun for home defense? Do bears shit in the woods?
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    Aug 26, 2005
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    we stock them at the shop and sell around 6 every month...
    never had one come back, never heard a complaint...

    its a 500 clone, and accsesories will fit perfectly...

    basic, simple, cheap self defense...

    best regards, mike.
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    Nov 8, 2005
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    I've got one that I shoot skeet with. So I would say they are good enough for point and shoot home defense.
  6. I've never shot one. But if everyone say's their a Mossberg 500. I would say hell ya. I am a firm believer in shotguns for home defense
  7. No need to beat around the bush. What are ya really tryin to say? :D
  8. If someone can't hit a attacker with a shotgun. They need to take up runnin lessons
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    Apr 26, 2006
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    I have a 88 I bought about 9 yrs. ago. $168.00 Great little shotgun. As far as accesories go, I have never found any. I want a front pistol grip for the pump. None fit it. Unless something new has come out the 88 & 500 are diferent.And I would STRONGLY suggest not using any magnum shells!! Low brass work just fine and are manageable,
  10. GREEN most ATI parts for Mossberg will work on a Maverick 88. Their Pistol grip, Shotshell holder, Top folding stock, and shotgun clamp but like you said their forend pistol grip dont fit UNLESS you change your slide and sum other little parts to a Mossberg 500 style can be dun under $100.00 and 2 hours
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    Southernshooter, I guess I never really looked into the other stuff. That front pistol grip is what would really be useful to me. The $100 I might just put towards another Mauser or something. Thanks for the info.
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    Apr 26, 2006
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    SKS, Looks like you have a plan.Good luck and don't forget about the the type of shells you shoot.
  13. Sks I like the top folding stock it turned out nice on mine

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    Southernshooter, That is REALLY nice!