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  1. I have been loading 9mm with AA#7 with no problems. Thought I would try working up a different load with some Titegroup powder. From the info that I could find it says 4.5 gr start load to 4.8 gr max load for the 115gr fmj in 9mm. I started out at 4.5 gr and loaded 10 rounds each of 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7. I was not looking for a max load so I did not even go to 4.8 gr. I then took them out and shot them starting with the lighter loads (checking the brass after each round fired) watching for signs of over pressure. I ran each shot through my chronograph and logged the velocity of each shot. No signs of overpressure with any of the loads. These were shot through a 4 1/2" barrel. Now for my question, do I need to be concerned with overpressure? My start rounds averaged 1190 fps. The next ones were 1196, the last ones were 1212 fps. I just kept going as I saw no signs of overpressure, but when looking at Hodgons data I am way over as far as velocity is concerned. Keep in mind I am just looking for mid range loads as they will be used mostly for practice. Any help would be appreciated.
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    speaking honestly. with plinkin loads I just load them with a charge that is right between start and max. titegroup meters very consistently so once your measure is set it should drop charges within .1 at the very most, say if you set it for 4.6, your charges should ALL fall between 4.5 and 4.7 with the vast majority at 4.6 where they are supposed to be. I use a Lyman55 and all my charges are exact with ball propellants, so long as my 'knocker' technique is solid and consistent...

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    Hodgdon tested with a 4 inch barrel, your 4.5 inch may account for some of the increased velocity. Also Hodgdon data is for a 115gr Gold Dot Hollow point with an OAL of 1.125. What was your FMJ OAL?
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    If you found a load in there that was accurate and comfortable to shoot, then go with it. Even if it ends up being 4.8gr, it's a load that you have proven and with TG, it's an economical powder charge. If a load works for me and my gun and I've developed the load properly; then that's the results that I take. Don't worry so much about winding up "in the middle", trust your hard work and attention to load development. Once you've found what your gun likes, then you can determine if that load is a good choice for you as far as cost, recoil and accuracy, etc.
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    While I don't load for the 9, I do all of my pistol reloading with AA powders. The 9mm operates at very high presures, 33,000psi for the 115gr bullet over 8.7grs of #7, but the highest psi load for the 9 runs around 34,600psi, with AA powders.
    Like JLA, for a plinking load I just load up some lead bullets that aren't moving fast enough to lead up my barrel, and go have fun. Just stay in the midrange area, and don't worry about the presures. The reloading data that is posted in the books will be safe. They don't want to get sued for posting something that will get someone hurt. They pad the loads listed for both low, and high presure loads. Just to be safe.
  6. Thanks for all your help. Steve 4102, my overall length is 1.16.
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